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  1. It was like watching a paying customer in one of those "Smash Houses".
  2. When the Bills went out on fourth down with about 1:46 left in the game, Dorsey picked up his stuff, took down his window sheet and was leaving. This more destructive display had to be at the end when the Bills let the game clock run out. LOL.
  3. It's week three, not week thirteen. Find a spot to grip and grip so you don't fall over.
  4. Was that at the end of the game because I saw him pack up his shit when there was still 1:32 left in the game and Miami fucked up.
  5. I remember Derrick Burroughs in 1989 was discovered to have cervical stenosis after a hit and injury. I didn't know Hyde had on going issues with his nek. Hope it's not like that.
  6. Always be looking for talent at any position because you never know where or when injury strikes. I have no idea who is out there; none. I'll bet Beane and his staff do.
  7. This is nonsensical. Pollution is different beast from human caused global warming, which is garbage science and a scheme to steal your money. How fair and realistic can carbon footprint taxes be when China and India and a few others have no need to participate? It's a FUCKING scam. And what is plasticide? These cycles have been going on for eons. It's New WORLD ORDER planning to remove or weaken governments to fit into the one world government plan. Pollution is a problem and has to be addressed locally all over the world. I can't speak for what other countries are doing about it but a lot has been done here but still not enough. Who in their right mind wants to poison themselves and their family for, what some very short-term comfort? Remember when Gov Mario Cuomo (Democrat) was touting the fact that PCBs used for insulation and cooling were not dangerous and that he would even drink a glass of it. He relented when he was told that was not a good idea. I wonder which company was padding his pockets. PCBs are gone now. Bristlecone pine - Wikipedia Do some research and maybe you'll change your current belief. Remember The Oroville Dam crisis just 5 short years ago? Oroville Dam crisis - Wikipedia El Nino vs La Niña Pacific Ocean temperature effects on weather patterns over the Jet Stream and other global winds. Patrick Moore - CO2 Coalition THINK, bigger.
  8. NFL World Reacts To Embarrassing Stephen A. Smith News (msn.com)
  9. Bills’ Isaiah McKenzie Did Gender Reveal for Sister After Touchdown - Sports Illustrated
  10. It was like a nightmare in a hot summer night's heat. It brings back bad memories and wakes you in a start. All of the sudden these names started showing up here and there was a need for copious amounts of tums. When was the Range's purge? 2010 or 2012 maybe? We did get rid of quite a bit of the mold but some lingered now it's growing back. Notaclue is the same as are a few of the others. Go back, go back, save yourselves and us. Mikgaes is fucking nuts and there is a story behind that poster that would make you shake your head in disgust, am I right Lit? I need another tums.
  11. Yeah? Well, the ladies loved him.
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