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  1. It looked to me like that sidewinder missile had its warhead disarmed so that it could be use it like an arrow going through it and not blow everything into smithereens. I swear, the over-the-top reaction to this whole incidence from Montana to South Carolina by the talking heads of the media is eye-opening and frankly, disturbing to think we have to rely on these people for our information. I'd like to know what was on that thing to give it some limited directional control.
  2. Another Chinese Spy balloon has been found on ‘The View’.
  3. Hey, you all thinking you're Clint Eastwood kicking ass in "Heartbreak Ridge.... you're not. Hell, we fans are emotionally drained after this season too and we didn't even suit up.
  4. I was checking out at Walmart and "accidentally" scanned my eggs as tomatoes
  5. After hearing the national buffoon sports talk shows and pregame show I need to have a garbage can close by to wretch into. They all jumped on the Josh is losing it, he has fallen off from last year, he has gotten too reckless with the ball, he's not seeing the whole field, he has regressed without Brian Daboll tutoring him. The slight, very slight, fall off from last year could be attributed to a harder schedule, the debacle of November and into December travel and preparation time and not the least of all the arm injury which still rears its ugly head on some plays. There is not very much difference in his stats from last year and this year. I am going to quit watching these shows or shitty takes and podcasts because they are all show and no substance. ESPN sucks, NFL pregame sucks. I mean it just goes on and on.
  6. Willis Reed moment? That is just too long ago and in a different sport. Too bad it couldn't be more of a Bob Lanier moment in the NCAA regional championship game of his senior year at St. Bonaventure. By the way, Chris Ford (Vilanova) who took Lanier's knee out (accidental) just died the other day.
  7. I had to first ask, what the hell is that? The number crunching that went into that was a head scratcher to me. Once one starts looking at the rankings, the teams, the coaches and the categories it makes a little more sense. 4th down attempts/conversions and 2 pt attempts/conversions seem to be big factors but having Andy Reid way down the list must mean this evaluation is missing something.
  8. Sean, be careful on your next walk in the woods before Sunday's game. You just don't know what's out there.
  9. Hamlin definitely has some learning to do. Hoping he comes back fully healthy and can learn from the best.
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