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  1. Maybe I'd listen if I had the tiniest sliver of respect for you, but I don't take advice from people who advocate conversion therapy.
  2. Just seems weird that your board is made up of ENTIRELY straight white men and you have spent 0 seconds wondering why that is or why the one poster who only fits 67% of that demographic is leaving, even after he tells you precisely why.
  3. Yep. If even Hip is queerphobic enough to advocate for conversion therapy, i'd be wasting my time if I stuck around.
  4. I checked with the big guy, he said he'd make an exception this time
  5. What is baffling about it? There were effectively 2 options on the ballot. A third of voters voted for Biden, a little less than a 3rd voted for Trump, a third didn't vote, and the rest split their votes along various third parties or write-in candidates. You can't just say "that doesn't make sense" and then not have an explanation for how this completely mundane breakdown fails to pass muster.
  6. "Maybe there just is something wrong with them and that’s what the focus should be on." I'm not sure how you think this advocacy for conversion therapy makes you look better when it's directly quoted.
  7. What the fuck doesn't make sense, retard? He got about a third of eligible voters' votes.
  8. You said there's something wrong with gay kids. Kill yourself you worthless asshole.
  9. Read the definition of a phobia you retarded clown.
  10. "Free speech" forums are the least free. I do not feel welcome here because you welcome queerphobic hate speech without the slightest crackdown. That's what "free speech" does. When you let people hate a minority, you're telling that minority that in order to meet the base level of discourse everyone else enjoys they have to wade through hours, days, weeks, months of tedious existence-justifying discourse first.
  11. Thank you for validating my decision to leave by putting a queerphobic piece of shit in charge.
  12. I don't give a fuck what you think is normal, dipshit. I care about making sure queer and trans kids don't grow up ashamed of who they are and killing themselves because they think there's something wrong with them.
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