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  1. Probably just trying to get more time of possession. Those sneaky bastards!
  2. In a way he helped us ..... that tie game doesn't help Indy.
  3. Boy did we give up on Cook quick. Moss was taking a few of the plays probably designed with Cook in mind. McDermott really doesn't mess with you if you put the ball on the ground. Still really excited about the rookie lets see how he does vs. the Titans next week.
  4. The hard stuff. I like JD and Coke myself.
  5. The running as much as I'd like for him to take less risk it's in his blood and he's gonna run period.
  6. Dorsey nice job buddy ...... Brian whooooooo?
  7. Sweet sweet victory. How about that 6th round corner not a bad opening performance!
  8. Maybe that's why they're gong after his overdue library books.
  9. Can't wait to see Cook in the open field!!
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