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  1. AFC East win totals: Jets, Patriots, Dolphins, Bills odds and picks (nypost.com)
  2. Looks like its not bullshit. USC and UCLA to the Big Ten!? Reaction to bombshell news as Big 10 goes Hollywood (msn.com)
  3. Covid shut down the economy. Blame China for that. It wouldn't have mattered if it was Trump, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Bush or whoever in office. The shit was going to hit the fan at that time. July is almost here so about 4 months to go and we will find out exactly who the American people blame. Red wave coming.
  4. There is no way the Dems can legally win the midterms. I won't get into the cheating aspect of it but they can't win. Inflation is out of control, peoples 401K's are down, prices at the pump, grocery stores, etc etc are way up. Illegals crossing the border in record numbers. Unless you are part of the truly stupid (extreme left) or a Hollyweird celebtard who doesn't live in the real world like regular people. Nobody is voting Democrat. The brain dead vegetable we call President and the token VP the cackling Queen are the worst in American history.
  5. LOL. The Libs can't be this desperate. Can they? Only Piglosi and Hilda beast are more hated. AOC Warns Stephen Colbert That He's Getting Her In 'Trouble' By Asking If She'll Run For President In 2024 (uproxx.com)
  6. The only thing Newsome is running is California right into the ground. 2024 President Ron DeSantis.
  7. If injuries don't play a factor then the Bills should win the division. One team has an NFL caliber QB and the other three don't.
  8. They probably wouldn't have said anything if rumors of her death weren't going around twitter yesterday.
  9. Nobody can defend 13 seconds. That was just disgusting all the way around. But with the Jets they have been 13-36 in the last 3 years. Their last playoff appearance was when Rex was coaching them 2012.
  10. I didn't think McDermott would get fired. Both he and Beane have done a great job getting the Bills turned around. I am surprised Frazier is still here as DC. There never should have been an OT to begin with. 13 seconds and KC has the ball 1st and 10 AT THEIR OWN 25. If you can't defend that then what the hell can you defend.
  11. They did have a good offseason and they might catch the Pats. I can't see them finishing ahead of the Bills or Dolphins. If things go well for them then I could see 7 or 8 wins at best. This was a 4 win team last year. They still need Wilson to show he has the "it" factor just like Allen did for the Bills.
  12. There is not enough alcohol and money in the world that could ever make me say yes.
  13. 12-5 and win AFCE - NY Jets Forum - JetNation.com
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