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  1. Brady is the gold standard but he had Belichick as a coach. Combine that with a strong team and a good coaching staff that is why the Pats won so much. Teams not individuals win championships. If you want to point the finger at failure then look at McDermott, Frazier and that "number 1" ranked defense. Whenever the Bills played good offenses they got torched. Mahomes and the Chiefs torched, Titans with Henry torched, Colts with Taylor torched, Brady and the Bucs torched. There is where your failure lies not with Allen
  2. I disagree with the part about Allen not having backed up much on the football field. He is considered one of the best QB's in the game now. His last 2 seasons have been fantastic. Josh can't play defense. Its not his fault 13 seconds happened. If it didn't maybe the Bills win the Super Bowl last year. We will never know.
  3. ‘Goodfellas’ Star Ray Liotta Dies at 67 (msn.com) Didn't see a general discussions forum and didn't want to put it in the Bills forum. Goodfellas one of my favorite movies. RIP
  4. Von Miller makes his presence felt at 1st Bills practice (yahoo.com)
  5. If gerrymandering = Biden is an useless, worthless, American hating POS who all the Republicans, Independents, and conservative Democrats can't stand then yes you will lose because of gerrymandering. Only the truly stupid, brain dead extreme looney left morons think this clown is doing a good job.
  6. You are going to be very disappointed when the midterms are over.
  7. What no love for the 64 and 65 AFL champions. It was before my time but it still counts as two championships for Buffalo.
  8. I am only counting politics in America so Thatcher doesn't count. AOC is on the list. She is not hated like Clinton or Pelosi but she is in the top 10.
  9. You forgot Elizabeth Warren and AOC. But Hilda beast and Pelosi are the two biggest POS women associated with politics and nobody else is close.
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