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  1. We will all be screaming if the offense looks out of sync against the Rams. I would hope the starters get some action. If not against the Colts then against the Broncos. I know the last preseason game vs Carolina none of the starters will play. Usually that is how it goes for all teams.
  2. I get its preseason and you certainly want to avoid injuries but with a new OC I am surprised Josh doesn't get a series or two. My guess is Keenum (1st half) and Barkley(2nd half).
  3. Looks like he will get tested on Saturday. The Colts are going to play Ryan for the 1st Q. Crazy to play your starting QB that long in the 1st preseason game.
  4. The league wants original 6 teams to do well. Big market teams with large fanbases. When they do well the league does well $$$$ wise
  5. LOL. A five year old girl throws a football farther than Tua. Hill will be throwing a fit this year when he isn't getting the ball enough. Going from Mahomes to Tua is like going from a Porsche to a tricycle. No way OBJ goes there. He wants to win another Super Bowl and the Bills are one of the top favorites to do so.
  6. I wouldn't hate it if it was for this year only. I don't think OBJ would come back until late in the season given his injury anyway. Nobody can deny he is a talented receiver. With that said I wouldn't want the Bills to sign him to a long term deal given his history with injuries and his diva like attitude. If he can help the Bills win a Super Bowl this season then let him cash in on a big contract with another team for 2023. Pure rental for a playoff run this season. Why not?
  7. Anyone with a brain can see this is a problem. When this fails and it will the Democraps will blame the Republicans and the lying, biased liberal media will do everything in their power to protect the Dems. Red wave in Nov. DeSantis in 2024.
  8. Reading the title of this thread reminded me of Anna Nicole Smith. When she was in her twenties she was married to some 80 year old multi billionaire. I am sure the money had nothing to do with her marrying him :)
  9. White helmet is better. The charging Buffalo stands out more on the white helmet. If they would just lose the POS looking all blues and all reds then the Bills would have everything perfect for them uniform wise.
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