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  1. They barely beat a bad Cards team at home and if the Broncos didn't choke, they would have lost that game. Besides the Bills already played against a good DL in the Jets so they know what to expect. I think the Bills win a close game on the road. Something like 27-20
  2. If his place was raided and the FBI is involved, then I am guessing its CP related.
  3. Short quick passes. Kincaid, Knox and Cook could have big days.
  4. I have mentioned this before, but I think the Sabres are going to have the kind of year this season that the Devils had last year.
  5. All whites look good. Blue over white and white over blue look good. All blues and reds are a POS look.
  6. The all whites look sharp, Same for the blue over white and white over blue. It's the all blues and reds that suck. They look like some minor league arena football league team wearing those uniforms.
  7. I don't think the HC resigned. That was a BS report but the DC did per Adam Schefter.
  8. Halas Hall Reportedly Raided in Connection with Alan Williams' Absence from Bears (bleachernation.com)
  9. All whites at Washington. The Gridiron Uniform Database (gridiron-uniforms.com)
  10. Massachusetts students will not substitute Father’s Day with a gender-neutral Parent’s Day – “It’s crazy” (msn.com) What kind of BS is this. Who makes up gender-neutral Parents Day.
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