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  1. Go to the 4:45 mark. It starts there but look he gives him LOL.
  2. Or he is leaving MetLife Stadium shirtless and headed for the parking lot.
  3. This move to get Miller will be judged by what happens in Jan/Feb. Of course, the Bills still have some work to do to get to Jan/Feb. I think they can get by without Miller if they get some of their injured starters back.
  4. On the flip side NE needed a punt return on the final play of the game to beat the Jets 10-3. This was a game where Wilson went 9 for 23 for just 77 yards. The Bills haven't looked great. They blew the game vs the Vikings. Up 27-10 late 3rd quarter and lose at home WTF. The Browns made the game closer than it should have been. If they would have recovered the onside kick then who knows. Detroit takes the Bills right down to the wire. I expect tonight will be like the Detroit game. It will be close, and the game will still be in doubt by around 11 tonight. Either the Bills win a close won or lose a heartbreaker. I will be optimistic and say Sabres 27 Bruins 24.
  5. McDermott probably did make the decision but probably after consulting with the team doctors.
  6. Something must have happened or didn't look right that had the doctors concerned.
  7. I am sure the Bills medical staff has final say on this over "Dr. McDermott" and "Dr. Miller".
  8. I think he can return in 4 weeks.
  9. Arrest warrant issued for former Buccaneer Antonio Brown (baynews9.com)
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