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  1. Aside from Micah Parsons and the LSU and Alabama wide receivers. I didn't really know anybody. I'm.a Penn State fan
  2. Obviously we love the chat box but there can be maybe a few thoughts to bounce around in here. Not like I know too many names
  3. There's an extreme lack of buyers. That makes no sense
  4. What year was it? Parts are? Does he drivelije a idiot, reckless start n stop?
  5. Chip shortage? I know I can google, I'm just making conversation
  6. People seem to think kia has improved the last few years
  7. 25 thousand, is too much. I'm not gonna get anything that's popular, that's for sure
  8. Its all about need. I mean , I don't want an ugly square but I'm not gonna get for pleasure or desire
  9. Are dealers obligated to te you Invoice car cost or where do you find that? How? Anyone have a kia car? Opinions? I'm looking at the cheapest possible kia, a Rio. What's the least expensive GMC car?
  10. You prove my point again. Trying to distract. Who said anything about flat anything? I don't believe that. Its a other govt made up debate to discredit those who don't obey govt
  11. Lol this thread alone proves you wrong. Plenty care and disagree with you. You're a liar and a fake account.no one can be this far in denial with the obvious evidence in front you. Its been a year and you still can't out it together? You're trying to stifle me because what I say is true
  12. Of course the virus is fake...it's not a virus. That's not a virus is.in other words,you are being lied to as to what's going on. A virus is something already inside you.it's dead. It can't be transmitted from person to person. So this is something else. That's the hoax part. And people are dying from the vac. That country was the first to get it.
  13. Denver or Raiders is first media hint/assumption. How about a trade with Rams for Bradford? ...... meh, why not? Lol Yeah,this just happens to be a story on draft day. Staged Entertainment. He'll go where the nfl tells him to
  14. Yes, it's made up, you idiot. That's what propaganda is you dumb fuck. They are using actors and making fictional stories.
  15. Lol govt propaganda does In Fact exist. See, you did it again. Just pointless contradictions when presented with things that cause you cognitive dissonance.
  16. Lol the proof is now, you blumpnug. Its right in front of you.
  17. Look, lets say you're 40. You joke that in 40 years you'll be mentally or physically ill. Well, had you not had all the bad chemicals in a your food etc. You'd still be pretty mobile and cognitive by 80. But from about 60 forward. You entered a slow decline. Not a prime existence. Your dumb doctor just said, well ,that's life. Here's another pill to fuck up your life and mask another issue. Odds are that shot you took, just does things up some. Might be 2 years, might be 5. Micro biology = slow infiltration. And people who got bad effects early,, doesn't mean you dodged a bullet. It means that's the ultimate goal of the mrna.
  18. Yep. Can't confront a single thing I said. Personal attacks is the sheep gandboot approach
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