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  1. Road trip and we get to see some of our favorite peeps! So thankful to be vaccinated now and not terrified to be out of the house. ##################### An actual quote from a female friend on facebook. Its so saddening that my friends are this ignorant and fearful. Not realizing the true agenda.
  2. Poor? It should get him a few bucks and some freebees
  3. Rams get 3 picks in round 3 and the fans are complaining about the choices
  4. Come on..I want to see a more obscure , less known college named lol. Aside from the QB at North Dakota. Nothing yet
  5. Number 35. Javonte Williams RB. UNC. Denver Broncos. I started paying attention to unc football when Jordan was on UNC and they were of course a good basketball team then
  6. Elijah Moore to Jets , WR. From Ole Miss. I'd actually follow this guy's progress myself. I'm fascinated with Ole Miss
  7. Had to look up the announcer analyst guy. Charles Davis holds a rare distinction among active, male NFL color commentators: He never played in an NFL regular-season game. Davis spent the 1987 offseason with the Dallas Cowboys. He never made the team, though, and went back to school to obtain his Master's when the NFL didn't work out
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