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  1. no, just keeping track/jogging memory. a couple guys seem to do that around here..change avatars
  2. Brainwashing is broken record technique. Mask, mask ,mask, social distance, social distance, social distance. Etc etc. You seem to not mind being lies to repeatedly
  3. Lol yeah, I hate Pats, but watching them now would be amusing.
  4. so now its class system warfare? youre unimportant or unaccomplished as defined by people view of your job and pay rate? materialism and capitalism are wage slavery
  5. ask yourself how and why anything goes viral. who decides? who filters? how well are they aiming the phone? race debates are encouraged in media. Its all a show
  6. So of course tonight, nfl network is showing America's game 1987 redskins
  7. If you can't see this is as fake as the redskins name tragedy..you are a graduate sheep. As fake as believing the b ball player catching corona because he touched the mic and then his face. This is so fucking dumb
  8. all made up. just pick what you want to believe
  9. They all do that. It's not a scandal. It's elitism. It will all be fabrication anyway. Judt like the Clippers owner scandal. They make them look bad in media then give them a golden parachute. Oh,the poor owner!
  10. The only so called spike is confirmed cases. Deaths are down, down. Stop repeating words like spike. They are just media fear mongering tactics. The truth is nothing is spiking. Why are people still arguing masks? Too dumb to figure out more will die of poverty and starvation over time,than any illness. Where are all the dead homeless in the streets? McDonald's should have more deaths than nursing homes by now. And by the way, the nursing home stuff is a lie based on truth. That means...of course so many died in nursing homes...because they are nursing homes. Nursing homes always lead the league in deaths. Because old people are in nursing homes.....
  11. Whether anyone thinks he is or not, is irrelevant. The elite picked him to be all part of the political show.
  12. He did it because the establishment paid him to. He's a puppet. Not some rebel. And who cares if a country is disrespecte? It's a silly saying. America can go fuck itself for all the shit it puts us through.
  13. The easier the propaganda has grown over the years , the worst it's gotten. My grandfather was the last family farmer.. my dad got weaker, then I got weaker. .I mean mentally and physically. He also taught at a grade school or high school. Things were alot simpler then obviously though
  14. Youre basically too late. It's already here and has been for years. I mean come on. Odds are there was no chance in hell a 2000 computer crash was going to happen. Bullshit. Judt got my Redskins cap today
  15. If the jiggaboos want to sing a little negroe spiritual before the game. Meh, go ahead and let them ( calm down, that was sarcasm, I was joking)
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