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  1. Look...be adult please. You're calling it stupid, means you just don't know. Numerology isn't stupid. It's what runs the world. Numbers run the world. It's called gematria as well.
  2. Irrelevant. This is a weekly drama. How convenient that the 4 remain and then Play Each other. 70 points, KC loses first game, Rodgers goes down and they still win. You're saying bwho wants to see that? They are making sure less teams go winless. 17 and. 0-zero are big numbers this year. There's a reason they allowed zero to be a jersey number this year. It represents something. Miami could possibly go 17-0 if they get past Buffalo. 1973 was fifty years ago and the date of the Miami perfect season SB. 70-20=72 . Miamis perfect season
  3. He was drafted in the 8th round (7th pick) by the NBA's Chicago Bulls in 1978. However, Cox did not make an NBA roster until the 1982–83 season, when he played seven games for the Washington Bullets, scoring 29 total points. Cox played professionally in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) from 1978 to 1981. Over three seasons with the Philadelphia Kings, Pennsylvania Barons, and Wilkes-Barre Barons, Cox averaged nearly 22 points per game. He scored 50 points in a December 28, 1979 game against the Lancaster Red Roses. He also played professionally in Venezuela for Beverley Hills in Caracas.[1] Cox married his girlfriend, and former University of San Francisco cheerleader, Victoria and together they have an American-Venezuelan son, John, who plays professional basketball in Venezuela, where he was born.
  4. Ever thought of thinking for yourself? Ever thought of rooting for a team that won a Superbowl?
  5. Yes, we know you're a simpleton who doesn't listen. This is why govt toys with your dumb ass. You're so stupid ,you believe the Miami game and Bills_Jets were natural competitions.
  6. Notice the Redskins changed name as Chiefs were getting good Commander/s in Chief/s. Yes, it's all by design.
  7. Magic Johnson has some owner percentage. If they get the name back, it's just more proof how artificial all the drama is.
  8. Pointless to have a super bowl winning favorite in week 3. Based on front runner stats. The NFC won't be a team the typical idiot suspects right now.
  9. Power rankings care dumb and useless. We know who won etc. It changes every week. It's meaningless.
  10. Put up or shut up. A typical man, afraid.
  11. Lol they play Chicago next week. That game is a screw you, either way
  12. The YouTube algorithm won't let you post vids now ,if you put rigged in title. That's what a YouTuber said
  13. Watch a replay of the Miami game. Just watch Denver's defense. That's what I think I'll do. Just to see if it looks like they are trying.
  14. 1973 that was the date of the 1972 season super bowl . 17-0 for Miami. Sunday was some kind of gasm about that. The 73 season was all about OJ.
  15. I'm changing my Eagles pick to Tampa bay
  16. Ya. I said let's stay away from the upsets, and look what the hell happened. Sureeeeee
  17. The England NHS , recommends not getting the measles shot because.it increases the chance of shingles later in life
  18. I didn't expect cards to win till Tyler got back, but they beat a division/cowboys opponent. Today.
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