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  1. Democracy is a hilarious myth. Or you simply don't understand the actual definition of the word and the fact it doesn't actually exist in America
  2. And? Your point is what? Your view/ belief is what? It was never necessary to invent one except to control people
  3. Lol he's rolling in dough. He doesn't give a damn if they never make playoffs again and I'm sure he knows they basically won't anyway.
  4. 1966-6-9: On this day in pro football history: For most football fans, today's AFL-NFL merger was a great thing. But for quarterback John Brodie, it’s timing could not have been worse. Brodie entered his option year during the 1966 NFL season. And the Houston Oilers wanted him for their 1967 AFL season. Last Saturday, the Oilers presented Brodie with a $750,000 offer to join the AFL club. Brodie received $35,000 for the 1965 season while playing for the San Francisco 49ers. The $750,000 contract would have been the richest in football history. The only reason the deal wasn’t completed over the weekend was because Houston Oilers Bud Adams was issued an ultimatum not to sign any players. San Francisco 49ers general manager Lou Spadia had little to say in regards to the potential signing. Once the two leagues merged, Brodie’s contract disappeared. Adams said, “The merger between the National and American league teams precludes any further discussions with Brodie.” Adams was under the impression that the two leagues were still at war when the contract was being discussed. “Then the league office called me and told me to lay off. Merger negotiations had been taking place.” Brodie’s attorney John Cook implied the promises had been made and were expected to be kept. Cook said, “I feel the strength of John’s position on what he is entitled to expect is not weakened one particle by what happened between the leagues not the clubs.” Brodie had stayed quiet through the ordeal. When asked about the signing, Brodie said, “No comment.”
  5. . . Here's a rare photo of Miami Dolphins quarterback Earl Morrall wearing an aqua jersey during before an afternoon home game at the Orange Bowl in the early 1970s. Since 1972, the Dolphins have typically worn white jerseys for afternoon home games. Head coach Don Shula believed the white jerseys gave the Dolphins an advantage because they reflected the heat. Opponents would be forced to wear their dark jerseys which absorbed heat. While it's debatable whether the strategy was effective, there's no denying the Dolphins enjoyed tremendous success at the Orange Bowl. From 1966 to 1986, the Dolphins racked up a 110-37-3 all time record at the Orange Bowl, including a 31 game regular season/post season win streak from 1971 to 1974.
  6. Look ,you dumb f___. This has to do with my phone and the small letter keys and the odd auto correct. I'm not turning in a project and you understood what I meant. I can't proofread every godam thing and I'm obviously quite intelligent for questioning the need or value of a pope and religion in general. So address what I said instead of acting like a child, like other guys here.
  7. Can a defensive head coach win a fucking Super Bowl? I personally don’t think so ==================== Actually, it's always the defense that wins. I'm not saying in reality. It's a bs narrative. Pats vs Seahawks and Rams. Denver vs Seahawks. Then Manning can't throw anymore but still wins SB because of defense vs the actual top rank offense. In the real world the offense should have won
  8. Just a other guy like Biden. A pointless figurehead. What's the point of needing a pipe? What purpose does it serve? A bunch of other guys vote him.in and he sits there till it's another guys turn. This does what for so called religion?
  9. You're obviously projecting and are the mentally ill one. A sane rational adult does not go on and on like this. You have no emotional intelligence.
  10. I'm going to through my own stuff as well. Are you an adult? Shut the fuck up for a while. Seriously, just shut the fuck up.
  11. Ok..... Sorry bro. Bills suck and do it in dramatic fashion all the time now. But as long as they have a winning record and a couple playoffs games a year. Mngt is more than happy.
  12. Black month. Pride month. Etc etc It's all stupid Pointless
  13. Lots of teams don't lose 4 super bowls in a row.
  14. Lol you're making excuses. The Bills lose big when they lose. LOSE BIG.
  15. Lol you're not saying a positive.. or that's not a positive. Bills fail big. 4 super bowls in a row. 13 seconds. Home Field advantage in playoffs, in the snow. They still lose.
  16. Can't argue with the stats though. Bills lose when it counts
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