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  1. Said the guy who threatens that to everyone else on the forum. Seriously. Get the fuck head out of here.
  2. Have an open mind. And look at number one and see how pathetic the fakery is.
  3. Lol doubt it. It's just a excuse to talk about kelce and what's her face all night.
  4. The modern game is obviously for pussies who get paid to not tackle anyone. Just admit? I obviously just did , while explaining it doesn't fucking matter. If Hamlin is the average. No wonder buffalo and the NFL are weak when it counts. Huge ass helmet and no pads. Look like a bunch of pez dispensers running around
  5. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8Mrbrw8/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8Mrbrw8/
  6. All players are getting lighter since it about speed for passing and tackling is illegal. They damn well look smaller on screen. It's the pussy excuse for pads
  7. Tcm is only showing buster Keaton and 10 commandments today. Bummer. Not enough. Then they show a Christmas story lol. Already
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