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  1. He says Goodell wrong....or maybe he doesn't? https://twitter.com/RossTuckerNFL/status/1557083068669861893?t=wiEFXL2cJkpF1MLcudAevQ&s=19
  2. Maybe not winning, just top 4 or lose SB You also have Raiders to contend with their new stadium and Pitts new naming rights sponsor. Follow the money.
  3. The Walton/Walmart family just won the SB and Stanley with Rams and Avalanche that they own. Kroenke married to a Walton. They just bought Broncos. Of course its rigged.
  4. Lol apparently some are too afraid Of the simple practicality of his remarks. They bend it to call it racism and hate.
  5. Look, I like a board that's not stuffy and controlling. Because I obviously say things that people disagree with. If TT and SpL were acty adults, they'd have stopped doing this already. They aren't self aware. They aren't mature. Constant posts and point threads . Constant insults. Get rid of them
  6. Can we please get rid of these two? Constantly making pointless threads
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