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  1. THANKS to 81 MILLION intelligent voters, this country is blessed with President Biden....and the LOSER Trump has been sent back to the shithole state, Florida where he continues to show just how mentally ill he is. This man needs a LOT of help. He is literally INSANE. Anyone defending him is a moron. President Biden has shown himself to be not only capable of doing the job of president (that Trump NEVER, and I mean NEVER showed ANY shred of capability and was, and always has been TOTALLY UNFIT for any elected office , much less the presidency) but he has occupied the office with honor and integrity and shown himself to be an excellent leader to ALL Americans. His accomplishments are long and deep and have benefited ALL Americans in extremely positive ways. As opposed to Trump's reign of terror, incompetence, hatred, pathological LYING, hatred, racism, bigotry, CORRUPTION and plain old incompetence. On top of being a TRAITOR!!! FUCK TRUMP. And FUCK his supporters.
  2. DeSantis is WORSE than Trump. He would be a disaster as president.
  3. Anther Trump Butt Kissing moron. Please. Trump does not give one shit about Black people...he has proven over and over and over again that he is a racist scumbag. He always has been and always will be. Anyone defending his sorry ass is just as bad as he is.
  4. Seriously?!?!? You have t go back to 1991....fucking THIRTY TWO YEARS AGO, to find ONE isolated event of Trump NOT acting like a racist scumbag?!?!? HaHa. You just proved my point.
  5. Donald Trump’s long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2020 Trump has repeatedly claimed he’s “the least racist person.” His history suggests otherwise.
  6. President Biden is so classy. 100% opposite of Trump, MAGA ass hats, Republicans and right wingers!!! Of course, Trump won’t say a word (or if he does it will be in TERRIBLY BAD taste or downright obscene) in support for Damar Hamlin because he’s Black and Trump (and the majority of right wingers and Republicans) are racists scumbags.
  7. Thank you President Biden. President Biden have more mental acuity and INTEGRITY in his pinky finger than the lunatic, delusional Trump and the Trump Crime Family has all together....including virtually the whole Republican Party. They are a bunch of scumbag, charlatans and bigoted LIARS!!! President Biden is a man of honor, intelligence and compassion. That’s why the Trump Chumps hate him. President Biden is the antithesis of the corrupt, lawless, TRAITOR Trump, along with the almost the whole Republican Party who have supported the violent insurrection and literally shitting on the COnstition.
  8. You’d rather have Trump and Putin. Of course you’d rather have Tucker and Gabbard...two lying demagogic pieces of shit.....you are kissing cousins to all of those ass hats.
  9. Not really. The “average” number of prime time viewers for Fox Crap Fake “News” is 2.3 million....only slightly more than the combined viewership of CNN and MSNBC of about 2 million. So what? The population of the United States is about 330 million. About 209 million of those over 18 years old. What this means is that hardly anyone is watching any cable news....that is available for free On the other hand, the NY Times paid subscribers, for their digital service ALONE is over 6 million....and literally tens of millions that read their content because local newspapers reprint the stellar reporting that the NY Times produces. Add even more with the Washington Post and other credible news sources that are more concerned wit accurate reporting than conjuring up wing nut propaganda. The reality is that, yes, more people watch Fox Crap Fake “News” because they are cultists and fucking idiots, that are incapable of thinking on their own.....they need Sean Hannity, Bimbo Laura and scummy Tucker to tell them how to think and become good little lemmings with their lies and pimping of racism and homophobia.. Knuckle dragging idiots that have no interest in facts or truth, only getting their daily red meat of radical right wing lying, demagogic racist, bigoted SHIT!!!!! Just like the Nazi’s needed Joseph Goebbels to keep the ignoramuses in line. For the record...I hardly watch any cable news. I do tune in to Fox Crap Fake “News” once in a while for a few minutes during prime time to see the shit that the scumbags are staying to shove down the cultist’s empty heads. All lies and bullshit all the time. I pay for subscriptions from both the NY Times and Washigton Post along with several other sites including The Atlantic and NY Magazine. Being well informed is important for a civilized society. Fox Crap Fake “News” cultists are the opposite and would rather be spoon fed shit rather than the any semblance of the truth.
  10. Yes, it is a “fact” that the Bengal's “made it further than the Bills” in last year’s playoffs. So what??? It does NOT prove, in any way whatsoever, that they have built their team better than the Bills have. And it certainly does not validate sean’s self-serving bullshit that he is soooooooo smart and the Bills are sooooooo dumb for not listening to HIS opinion. Jesus....you bet your ass you are not GM, and have literally ZERO qualifications to be anywhere close to decision making for a real NFL team. In any event, the reason the Bengals “made it further than the Bills” in last year’s playoffs was NOT all because of their offense. Especially in the AFC Championship game. KC’s crappy defense is what allowed Cincy to come back from a 21-3 deficit. Mahomes had literally his worst half of football in his career in that game. I mean, really terrible. Most of that was the result of the Bengals defense and the defensive scheme. Mahomes brain fart at the end of the first half was not only unusual, but changed the whole momentum of the game. And in OT, Mahomes threw three really bad passes, and THE reason the Bengals prevailed in OT was because they INTERCEPTED THE BALL. More or less already in FG range to win. In the Super Bowl, they LOST because of LA Rams superior defense. In particular, the constant pressure Aaron Donald and Von Miller put on Burrow, sacking him SIX times in the second half. They had a stellar 82% pass-rush win rate, the highest of any team in a single game the 2021 season. Aaron Donald, 13th overall draft pick. Von Miller, 2nd overall draft pick. The last few plays of the game, the Rams win was ensured because of the Rams pass rush and unrelenting pass rush. As for the Bengal’s drafting “studs”...well.....that’s what happens when your team is for shit and you are in the top 5 draft position fro at least two years in a row. (BTW, the last time the Bills were in the top 5 draft pick was 2014.....while the remnants of Ralph Wilson’s shitty Mickey Mouse football operation was still in control) Before they finally put it together last season with a 10-7 record.... 2020 - 4-11 - #5 overall draft position for 2021 - Ja’Marr Chase 2019 - 2-14 - #1 overall draft position for 2020 - Joe Burrow, Tee Higgins #1 round 2. 2018 - 6-10 - #11 overall draft position for 2019 - Jonah Williams T Yeah....the best way to get into the position to build a great team is to be SHITTY for several years in a row. The season before the Bills drafted Josh Allen, they were 9-7, and had to accomplish several moves to get into position to snag the future superstar at #7 overall. If not for the 13 seconds, and IF the AFC Championship game was played in BUFFALO, I strongly suspect that the BILLS would have been in the Super Bowl and would have won it. This Monday night game favors Cincy because they are at home. We’ll see how it comes out. I suspect that it will be very close, with a mistake or two deciding it. Either way, win or lose, it’s not going to validate the way Cincy has built their team as superior, nor prove that the way the Bills built their team is inferior. What bullshit. So, basically, sean's argument is for crap.
  11. Looks like the Zone is back up. Thankfully!!! After just spending one day on the Range.....it’s obviously a right wing nut dominated shit show....that is mostly righties throwing feces like caged moneys. Bye-bye!!
  12. BTW....NONE of us can “read the source documents” because they are they are extremely sensitive documents that are highly held....top, top secret. The FACT that they are designated as “Top Secret TCI” means that it is illegal to transport it the way Trump did, and to store them in Mar-a-Shithole. This is a slam dunk case. Anyone that wants to deny the seriousness and ILLEGALITY of what Trump DID, in FACT DO....is a fucking idiot.
  13. I have a several very close friends that have extremely high level of security clearance. One works for the NSA. I am listening to the experts, from previous Republican administrations. You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about except pimping Fox “News” propaganda.....so YOU go away!
  14. No she did NOT. What she is accused of is using a private server (which was NOT illegal) instead of a .gov account. If she would have used a .gov account there would be no questions. And a .gov account is MUCH, MUCH less secure than the private server she did use. What Hillary did was all done by Ivanka Trump and her hubby....while they were working in the White House. EXACTLY!!!! And this was AFTER the protocols were tightened up after Trump demgourd and LIED about what Hillary did. And they got special treatment because there was no way they could pass any background security check....Trump could not pass the most lowly security check either that a prospective janitor would have to get by to work in any federal building. He was never subjected to a background security check. Handling of the most sensitive documents (by Hillary) was done 100% within protocol. She had one of these secure areas installed in her home. Again, accepted practice. Trump had the same installed in his Mar-a-Shithole....there is no evidence that he used it. What Trump did is unprecedented and TOTALLY ILLEGAL. If it was anyone else (yes, he is getting SPECIAL TREATMENT) his corrupt ass would be in jail immediately and he would be looking at years in prison because the case is open and shut. Trump is GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!!!! LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!
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