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  1. This could also mean McD is going to a 3 safety set like the pats do with dugger.
  2. No offense, but I don’t see this in any possible scenario. Beane has all but backed himself into a corner and has to draft offense this off-season. As previously stated, their two best players were open about their frustrations at the end of the season and some cheap vets don’t move the needle for me at all. Not one bit. I like your posts, but this mock is just horrific. Hard pass…
  3. So let me get this straight…we needed line and weapons all year, but we are now ok since we signed some cheap one year prove it deals? Yeah we got McGovern, but I don’t think for one second Beane is done on offense. He has a qb and a wr1 that were pissed at the end of the year from getting pressure and double teamed. Now you want to draft defense with cheap, long term premium picks? Sorry…I don’t agree with this at all.
  4. I was pounding the table to wait until later to get a corner and didn’t HAVE TO BE in round 1. So many fans on this board felt it had to be in the first round. Meanwhile, guys like Emerson, Taylor-Britt, and Woolen look to be the real deal and we could have used that first round pick on, oh I don’t know…an offensive player?
  5. Anyone blowing off about our offensive ranking should take a look at this. Pretty much sums up what rational minds can see. Allen is the reason for our ranking. I’d add Diggs too, but the rest of the “talent” is not up to par with what has been done on d.
  6. Check this out. Basically, every offensive position group is in the red except qb. Meanwhile, every position on d is in the green. Shocker…
  7. You get off on being an asshole don’t you? I literally said on the shout box that I’m willing if you stop being a pompous ass. Guess I’m not the one with the problem after all.
  8. Why would you? For someone that is so concerned about being eDuCatEd, you would think being illiterate and not knowing how to spell would bother you.
  9. Are dead people a “race”. Please enlighten all of us. You have no idea what you talk about. Keep making us laugh with your posts moron. You are the board clown.
  10. Can you spell? Would that be too much to ask? Run along and take advantage of a special needs chick you loser.
  11. Very bad posts is your forte dickhead. You might think you are right all the time, but you aren’t. My lover? Haha. Fuck off. Two people can agree on something without being their “lover”. You’re a joke. Grow the fuck up. Can’t wait for your response even though you don’t need to respond at all. Typical Daryl’s trying to get the last word as if anyone gives a shit.
  12. They were wonderful because they couldn’t hear you. You understand that right?
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