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  1. Don’t fire him…just hope he gets a HC gig. At least then we get a third round pick that Beane can use on some defensive player that won’t make a difference.
  2. How am I being a “tough guy”. Please tell me football “guru”. I’m simply telling an idiot to shut the fuck up. Please continue to grace us with your infinite football knowledge…
  3. Shut the fuck up. Don’t ever speak like this again. We have spent high pick after pick on that side of the ball. Troll.
  4. It’s sickening. I’m so over it. I could live with it when we had the number one d and it was working in our favor. Low and behold when it really matters our “amazing” defense disappears and our only first round pick has a performance for the ages and LOSES!!!! Don’t anyone ever try to convince me that we need more first round picks on d. I won’t fucking listen. Get Allen a real RB and some speed at WR.
  5. An emphatic FUCK YOU to anyone that thinks that. The defense, which has high draft picks all over the field, lost this game. Meanwhile, the other side of the ball, which has ONE fucking first rounder almost single handedly won the game. Draft offense and make this unit unstoppable. That apparently the key. Fuck this “number one defense”. What a joke.
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