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  1. Way to take the high road “mr consultant”. You’re a joke. Hahahahhaha
  2. Doesn’t matter…I’ll bet that they make it illegal after this season
  3. Hey Jason…the fucking tush push shouldn’t be allowed in the game. Be careful what you bitch about.
  4. Daryls doesn’t know. He must know something the rest of the entire fanbase doesn’t .
  5. Any list that doesn’t include hCsM as a goat is just a bad list.
  6. Facts? Like hCsM was aWeSoMe iN aNoThEr bIg GaMe? This place is seriously better when you aren’t poisoning every thread with your stupidity.
  7. Did you watch the game? Remind me again how awesome McD was in another big moment. We all need a good laugh.
  8. He won’t go there because he knows Josh isn’t buying what he’s selling anymore. It’s pretty clear what’s happening and who could blame him after McD coached a SB away in 13 seconds?
  9. Yep…been saying this and it makes sense. When was the last time you heard a bills player talking about how much they love each other? This isn’t fun for them anymore and it starts with McD.
  10. How many times have we heard about how much these players “love each other” over the years? How many times have we heard it this year? If you can’t see what is obvious, then I just don’t know what to tell you.
  11. I’ve ever seen a guy that thinks he’s right so much be wrong all the time. This guy wants to pump up McD and bash Allen. Can’t make it up.
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