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  1. And you just know that Baker is thinking "I wanna stay in Cleveland for another year, have a GREAT season, and then go somewhere else for an even bigger boatload of cash, but what would Sean think?"
  2. Pittsburgh rarely gives out extensions to players after a certain age, they just draft their replacement. Have to admit, that's a model that has worked out well for their organization.
  3. The end game is, and always has been to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Happens to work. Democrat vs Republican, Black vs White, Straight vs Gay, Conservative vs Liberal, LGBTQXYZ vs Everybody
  4. I think the NFL as a whole this needs to happen. Even if Watson is suspended for the first year, Mayfield coming back to Cleveland and Having a career season (except against Buffalo) would be awesome. If that happened, and these owners packed up and moved during the night, Brown fans might applaud it.
  5. I think Trubisky is a good QB, but better, I'm not so sure. However, all I'm talking about is the story. How cool would it be to have Mayfield sign with the Steelers, play them twice a year and consistently do a number on them and their 230 million dollar QB? I don't like the Steelers or the Browns, but I think America would look forward to these games.
  6. Hmmmmm https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-steelers-would-be-interested-in-browns-qb-baker-mayfield/ar-AAVno2I
  7. If I'm a Browns fan, and a season ticket holder, I might be thinking seriously about getting rid of my season tickets. Not going to happen, but I would love to see Mayfield in Pittsburgh, and playing the Browns twice a year. I would watch those games. Would make for a great story ...
  8. Head to head, head to head, head to head ...
  9. What are the chances the Browns organization got some good news regarding the suspension allowing them to pull the trigger.
  10. Watsons a better athlete. Better QB, not so sure. And I'm not saying Mayfield is great, but he is good. Hope he goes somewhere, and comes back to Cleveland and beats that dumb ass organization.
  11. Seattle saw something in Wilson that they weren't sure about. He was a QB who for the better part of his career put people in the stands. He's getting older, and they don't want to pay him for past performance, so it's time to move on. They got a pretty good haul for a QB who will turning 35.
  12. On paper, it's a home game. They didn't have to travel, the Bengals did. Whether or not it meant anything, I couldn't tell you. But it was a home game. It wasn't Tampa, and Brady getting yet another advantage, but it was still their home stadium.
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