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  1. I don't know, maybe I can speak for everybody
  2. Teams can be called for holding on every play, or so we're told. What about the flags for holding, where it's obviously not a hold? If referees are going to insert themselves into the game the way they have, then maybe they should be a part of the post game discussion and answer questions from the media.
  3. Sean, every team is undisciplined. it's just a matter of the refs choosing to throw a flag or not. Not throwing a flag doesn't necessarily mean that a team is more disciplined, just that they are one of the chosen teams. Chosen to carry on and make the league money. Most of the rules are put in place to control the outcome of games, Not necessarily to be fair. And they keep adding more rules. Illegal contact? Have you ever noticed how illegal contact is almost always instigated by the receiver, and how the flag is all to often thrown to keep drives alive? Side note: Whatever happened to coaches being able to review pass interference calls? It was supposed to be a thing. I'm guessing the owners nixed that, and never said anything about it. Just informed the coaches they couldn't do it anymore, as it infringed on how they wanted games to unfold. And it just quietly disappeared without informing the people who pay for parking, tickets, WFF merchandise and food.
  4. I can't speak for everybody, but personally, I'd be happy with 4B. And I'd cut you guys in. :-)
  5. Okay, well you call him and let him know. I'm sure he'll be thrilled
  6. What are the odds that the companies who pay millions of dollars in advertising fees, have it written in their contracts that the games must be competitive, so that the fans stick around to see their beer (or gambling) commercials?
  7. I know it is, which should be another clue that the owners don't care about winning ... just the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. I was talking weekly, and per team. But you're right, billions.
  9. With millions of dollars on the table, owners are not leaving anything up to chance. Coaches, players and refs are paid to do a job, and winning football games is not necessarily part of that job. Pro football is in the entertainment business. Do you feel entertained, or do you feel like you're being lied to?
  10. Probably something like that. You don't fire a head coach on a 4 year contract after his first 11 games solely because of wins and losses. They were a bad team with a new QB, and no running game before Frank took over, he needed and probably expected time. Owner wanted some changes (probably personnel), Frank said no (good for him) and the owner, now seeing red, and screaming said "I'm the owner of this team, you work for me." and acting like a dumb ass said "you'll never work in this town again, don't let the door hit you on the way out." Frank said "well it looks like I'll be spending Christmas with the family. Thanks for the opportunity, go ahead and send my checks to my Florida residence. Now this idiot will eventually be paying 3 head coaches, and the dwindling fan base in N Carolina can now expect ticket prices to go up. Merry F-ING Christmas!
  11. I'm pretty sure he knows, and I'm sure avoids people all the time. By doing what he's told, he's doing his job. After he's fired in Buffalo, he will not say one bad word. In fact, he will thank Buffalo for the opportunity, move on and eventually his loyalty will be rewarded with another head coaching gig. Probably in a better city, where he will no longer have to be the Homer Simpson of the WFF. This club rewards coaches all the time. Atlanta vs New England, late in the game, Atlanta in field goal range to put the game out of reach. OC Shanahan calls a pass play? Sacked, and out of field goal range. Atlanta punts, and the rest is history. Brady is the greatest ever (sarcasm). The next year Shanahan is the head coach in San Francisco. Coincidence? Just my opinion, but I don't think so. These games are no longer fun to watch, when for good reasons, all you do is question the insane coaching moves.
  12. You're right, but they are encouraged to do it. Why? Is there an incentive, or just something they need to do if they want to stick around and make lots of money? As for the symbolism? Lots of symbolism being thrown around in all pro sports, and probably for all kinds of reasons. None of which for the casual fan.
  13. For the sake of the game, all football fans need to come together against the WFF. Not about defending our favorite teams anymore, it's about this runaway ride that we've all been subjected to.
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