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  1. Refresh my memory, I don't remember them playing against the Bengals. :-)
  2. How would we know if they aren't built for snow, since they never even bothered to show up? Why didn't they do the things other teams do when it's cold, really windy and snowing? Like, for instance the Bengals? Instead of short passes, and running the ball, the Bill's were wasting snaps throwing the ball downfield. You would think that they would have eventually adopted the Bengal philosophy, but nope. I kept waiting for them to copy what the Bengals, and Burrows were doing, but it never came. Strange. And the defense? While that defensive guru of a head coach had his guys consistently lining up 5 yards off the line of scrimmage, the Bengals were successfully running the ball, or throwing short passes, to consistently march downfield, control the clock and easily win the game. I kept waiting for the adjustments that never came. And it's not Frasiers fault, he works for McStupid. Once again, McStupid said they'd learn from it. Not holding my breath. Every Bill's fan who paid for a ticket, should have asked for a refund.
  3. Whats amazing, is that Dorsey supposedly interviewed for the Carolina job. Still trying to wrap my head around that.
  4. What worries me about the offense, is the guy calling the plays. Instead of Immediately promoting someone with no experience, I think they should have looked for someone with a resume. A good offensive coordinator should be attaching himself to the entire offense, Instead of just Allen. When Daboll left, it was like McBeane said "I don't give a fuck, let Dorsey have it"
  5. We shall see. Until then, I'm on the Shane Ray bandwagon ... Rooting for him
  6. lmao When you stop and think about it (I try not to), the Bills have really lost a lot of games in the most heart wrenching of manners. It's like they own the patent on all the stealing defeat, from the jaws of victory games, because we've witnessed more than our share. And just for the record, Hail Murray was an incomplete pass that they never reviewed. Just another Bill's thing ...
  7. In this new NFL, the only time I think the Bill's are safe with a lead, is when the clock reads 00:00
  8. Ever hear of spygate? Jet fan sued the Patriots and the NFL. During that case, the NFL defined themselves as sports entertainment. Just like WWE, or WWF. Information plastered all over the internet, not hard to find.
  9. While we call these leagues "sports," they are in fact businesses. Their business is entertainment. The NFL, for one, has actually argued this fact before the Supreme Court as recently as 2010. Being "entertainment," the leagues are legally entitled to do what is needed to entertain their audience, such as the creation and promotion of certain "storylines." Despite arguments to the contrary, this makes the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL on par with professional wrestling (WWE) as well as circuses, ballets, music acts and magicians.
  10. Hopkins wants a payday, and nothing more. Not coming to Buffalo.
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