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  1. NO NO NO ... they lost because they didn't draft a stud receiver on the offensive side of the ball. And yes that was sarcasm, Bill's are definitely the better team.
  2. Bill's are 2-1, and I think they are the best team in the AFC.
  3. As Bill's fans, we know the Dolphins aren't elite. Bill's beat themselves
  4. Good for Ken Dorsey, he's got some balls. As for Sean, and the world, not so sure.
  5. When you watch them play each week, does it look like they are trying to pressure the QB? When you're rushing 3, which this team does a lot, you are not going after the QB. When Frazier does that, what he's doing is making every other persons job on the defensive side of the ball more difficult.
  6. This D should be rearing back its head and just going for it, but they rarely ever do that. On that 3rd and 22, I said rush 5, or 6, do not give Tua any time to find someone 22 yards downfield. Of course they rushed 3, did not hit anybody off the line, allowing Waddle to run down the middle of the field untouched. For all the studs they've drafted on this defensive line, you'd think the defensive coordinator would be calling plays allowing them to do the very thing they are supposed to be good at.
  7. World class speed only works when the defensive coordinator does not prepare his team to pressure the QB.
  8. They had the Dolphins in a 3rd and 22, they rush 3, Tua has all the time in the world, do not hit anybody off the line, allow Waddle to just run free down the middle setting up a score. How does any defensive coordinator worth his salt allow that?
  9. They still win the game if they make the plays (in fact, they should have). Bill's, with the help of some questionable play calls, beat themselves. You take what the defense gives you. If they're going to rush 6, just keep hitting the short pass, move the chains and force the Dolphins defense to make adjustments. In my opinion, they didn't check down enough. And yes, we know, you want more offensive play-makers. We know this, because you tell us every week.
  10. You've lost track? Probably because it's not true. To win in this league, you need balance. And they better learn how to run the ball as well.
  11. It's week two, long way to go. Tua is a good QB, who had a great game. Good for him ...
  12. Daboll has been pretty lucky. A win is a win, but lets wait until he has a full year under his belt. My guess is that Giant management has him on a short leash.
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