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  1. Uh... LIAR. Typical Democrat. Adams: ‘I Never Said, Come One, Come All’ to Migrants On Thursday’s edition of WABC’s “Sid & Friends in the Morning,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) responded to a question on his frustration with the migrant situation in New York and the city’s status as a sanctuary city by stating that “I never said, come one, come all. People attempted to give that impression, that has never been my impression.” Host Sid Rosenberg asked, [relevant exchange begins around 15:20] “A lot of your critics say the same thing, Mayor Eric Adams, now, he’s frustrated, he’s angry, he can’t handle the situation. Who could, okay? But he was the same guy, Mayor Eric Adams, who was yelling and screaming, hey, we’re a sanctuary city, come one, come all. He was the same guy that, when the buses first got here, was right there…shaking the hands of these people. He’s the same guy that is putting these people in four-star hotels, why are there still hundreds of people sleeping outside the Roosevelt Hotel, some of our finest establishments? He’s that guy. So, okay, he’s upset now, where was that Eric Adams a year ago? What would you say to that?” Adams responded, “Well, first, let’s be clear on something, I’m passionate. And I find it disrespectful, whenever someone shows passion — doesn’t have to be me or anyone else — that, all of a sudden, is angry. I’m passionate. I’m a passionate New Yorker. I have a New York attitude. … What I did is what all of us have — we have all done in this city. There’s a reason the Statue of Liberty, folks, sits in our harbor. I don’t care if you came from Irish ancestry, if you came from Italian, if you came here from Greece, if you came from the Caribbean, if you came from Africa, all of us wanted an opportunity to pursue the American Dream. And I said, I’m not going to treat people in an undignified way. When early groups came here, they had the right to work and to participate in the American Dream.” Rosenberg then cut in to say, “In all fairness, those people did it legally, they were vetted. What’s going on here is ridiculous. These people — my kids can’t go into school without showing proof of vaccination. You’ve got little kids, God bless them, not their fault, showing up in schools all over the city who have not been tested for anything. So, you can’t compare what happened at Ellis Island, Eric, to what’s going on right now. This is insane.” Adams countered, “I disagree with you, Sid. I disagree a lot. Listen, the children who showed up in our schools, the law and the rules require, within 30 days, they have to get vaccinated, if they’re coming — if they meet the status that you were just talking about. Let’s be clear on this, I can’t stop people from crossing the border and I do not have the authorization to deport people. That is not within my powers as a Mayor. What I must do is whoever comes to the city, I must ensure that they’re treated with the dignity and respect that our ancestors were treated with. That’s what I must do. And so, when people came here at the same time, I never said, come one, come all. People attempted to give that impression, that has never been my impression. Our hearts are big, but our resources are not endless. And I made that clear a year ago, stated, this should not be happening to New York City. How people tried to interpret that and spin that, that is not the reality.”
  2. Well it's over, @seandelevan, Kincaid is a bust after 3 games under the Bills.
  3. His legacy is paving the way for Tom Brady, that's it, he gave us real good about 8 Buffalo Bills games.
  4. Josh Allen is the key to the Bills cooling off the red-hot Dolphins and here's why Josh Allen is 9-2 in his career against the Dolphins and has never lost to them in Buffalo, the site of Sunday's game We know Tom Brady has a minority ownership stake with the Raiders, but has anyone checked to see about Josh Allen's status with the Dolphins? There are few QBs, if any, who have dominated a single team quite like Allen has owned the Dolphins. He is just the player who could cool off a team coming off a 70-point game. The Bills are coming off back-to-back wins of 28 and 34 points, respectively, and have one of the league's best defenses, but it's Allen that poses the greatest threat to Miami. Allen is 9-2 in his career against the Dolphins, including the playoffs, and 6-0 at home, where the Dolphins and Bills play this week. Buffalo had scored 32.7 points per game in Allen's starts against Miami and Allen has accounted for 34 of the Bills' 42 offensive touchdowns in those games (81 percent). He's done it through the air and on the ground. He accounts for both instances in NFL history of a QB averaging 250 pass yards and 50 rush yards per game against one team, with a minimum of five games. Allen has done this against Miami (in 11 games) and Kansas City (five games). Nobody else has averaged both benchmarks against a single team, ever. Josh Allen career vs. Dolphins (including playoffs) W-L 9-2 Team points/game 32.7 Pass yards/game 276.0 Rush yards/game 52.2 Pass + Rush TD 34 Turnovers 10 He also has multiple touchdown passes in every game against Miami. His 11 straight games with at least two-plus touchdown passes against the Dolphins is the longest streak by any QB against any single team in NFL history. That includes the three he threw against Miami in Buffalo's 34-31 Wild Card win last postseason. He broke a record held by Dan Marino, who had 10 straight games with multiple touchdown passes against the Jets. Last year was the icing on the cake. Between passing and rushing Allen totaled 1,200 yards and nine touchdowns in three games against Miami. That's the most yards any player has put up against any team in a season in NFL history, including playoffs. It's rare to play three games against one team, but 400 yards and three touchdowns per game is still remarkable. Allen also joined Dan Fouts as the only player with three 300-yard passing games against one team in a season ever. Fouts did this against the Raiders in 1980. Josh Allen last season vs. Dolphins (including playoffs) PASS + RUSH TD PASS + RUSH YARDS Week 3 2 447 Week 15 4 381 Wild Card 3 372 Totals 9 1,200 Dolphins' fans who think "this time will be different" could argue a few things. They have a new defensive coordinator in Vic Fangio. To counter that, Josh Allen had four touchdowns (two passing and two rushing) plus 359 pass yards the last time he faced a Fangio defense. That was in 2020 as the Bills dismantled the Broncos 48-19. Miami also has a good pass rush anchored by edge rushers Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips. However, 16 of Josh Allen's 30 career touchdown passes against the Dolphins have come when he was pressured. The Dolphins have been able to get near him but not consistently create impactful pressure. That's the most touchdown passes under pressure by any QB against any team since 2018 when Allen came into the league. Allen actually has a higher passer rating against Miami when pressured, compared with when he has a clean pocket, according to PFF data. Nobody knows how demoralizing that can be for a defense more than Commanders' head coach Ron Rivera, who was just on the wrong side of a 37-3 loss in Week 3 against Allen and the Bills. He said this in his presser the day after the game. "I think Josh Allen got into our guy's head a little bit after that first couple series. I mean, tucking the ball and running because basically first of all, coverage was good, but they'd gotten to him and forced him out of the pocket and a guy with that kind of ability can stretch a play, get outside. There's a frustration that comes with it too when you feel like you should be making a sack, you should be making a play." Commanders … the Dolphins feel your pain and have been on the wrong side of this many times. Their best chance at beating Allen (besides dropping 50 points) is forcing turnovers or being on the right side of a few self-inflicted mistakes. Allen turned the ball over three times in their playoff matchup last season as Miami almost pulled off a miracle upset with Skylar Thompson at quarterback. Overall, Allen has an NFL-high 85 turnovers since he was drafted, including a 9-13 record when he has multiple turnovers, versus a 45-12 mark with one or fewer giveaways. That's one of the few stats that provide hope for Miami to slow down Allen, while there's a mountain of data pointing to a history of Allen's dominance over his division rival.
  5. “For decades, you’ve watched rotten and crooked politicians like Biden treat American jobs as disposable and American workers as expendable,” Trump said. “They sat back and got rich by taking bribes and letting other countries rape and pillage our jobs and our wealth.” “Joe Biden claims to be the most pro-union president in history. Nonsense. His entire career has been an act of economic treason and union destruction,” Trump continued. “He’s destroyed unions, shipping millions of American jobs overseas while personally taking money from foreign nations, hand over fist. Look at the money he got from China.” Biden did nothing as a union supporter over 40 years. You can believe it though and only when he wants to get union money for the coffers. Yes. You voted for Biden.
  6. Republican US House to hold first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing WASHINGTON, Sept 28 (Reuters) - The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives will hold its first hearing on Thursday in its impeachment inquiry against Democratic President Joe Biden, two days before Congress's deadline to avert a government shutdown. The hearing by the House Oversight Committee is not likely to reveal new information about Biden's financial ties to his troubled son Hunter Biden, 53, who pursued a range of international business ventures while struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Instead, it will serve as a justification of sorts for the probe and a review of what details Republicans have uncovered so far, according to James Comer, the panel's chair. Lawmakers will hear from a forensic accountant, a former U.S. Justice Department official and a law professor. Republicans allege Biden and his family personally profited from policies he pursued as vice president during former President Barack Obama's administration between 2009 and 2017. Separately, they also allege the Justice Department interfered with a tax investigation of Hunter Biden. They have yet to provide any evidence of improper conduct by the elder Biden. (LOL) The White House says the inquiry is unfounded and driven by politics ahead of the 2024 presidential election, when Biden will likely face a rematch with Republican Donald Trump, who faces four upcoming criminal trials. (LOL. Who wrote this article? @HipKat?) It is unclear if House Republicans, who have a narrow 221-212 majority, would have the votes at the end of the inquiry to support actual impeachment. But even if that vote succeeded, it is highly unlikely that the Senate, where Democrats hold a 51-49 majority, would vote to remove Biden from office. At the center of the investigation are allegations that Biden, as vice president, pressured Ukraine to fire a top prosecutor because the prosecutor was investigating Burisma, a company for which Hunter Biden was on the board of directors. But Ukraine's president at time, Petro Poroshenko, told Fox News Channel on Saturday that was not the case. House Republicans have said they plan to seek personal and business bank records for Hunter Biden and James Biden, the president's brother. On Tuesday, the House Oversight Committee said it had obtained bank wires from Chinese nationals sent to Hunter, listing Joe Biden's home address in Delaware as the destination, before he was president. It is not clear if Biden received the money. The hearing comes as House Republicans are locked in a showdown with Biden and his fellow Democrats over government funding for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1. Wide swaths of the government will shut down if they do not reach agreement. A prolonged shutdown could slow the impeachment inquiry as fewer administration officials would be available to respond to information requests. White House spokesman Ian Sams said House Republicans were prioritizing "conspiracy theories" over keeping the government open. (LOL) Former President Trump has cheered on the inquiry. Trump was impeached twice during his four-year presidency and faces four criminal indictments -- the first time for allegedly pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden ahead of the 2020 election. Trump was acquitted by the Senate both times.
  7. Definitely YUCK! I don't drink cola anyway. Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen pours hot sauce in his soda: Yum or yuck? Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is attempting to give Travis Kelce a run for the hottest relationship in the NFL right now. That’s right, we’re talking hot sauce and soda (or pop). The Bills shared a video of the team’s star QB pouring buffalo sauce straight into a Pepsi Zero Sugar drink while enjoying buffalo wings at a bar. Allen stirs the concoction with a celery stick, takes a bite, and then sips the drink when he “realizes” he’s being filmed. “Just saw this video and we gotta ask… @JoshAllenQB, you good?! You’ve taken this Pepsi deal way too far,” the Bills’ official X (formerly Twitter) account wrote Tuesday. “Hey @buffalobills don’t knock it till you try it… it’s not about my Pepsi deal, you know I’m always team blue,” Allen responded in a tweet. Of course, anyone who’s ever seen a TV commercial can tell that it’s an ad and Allen knew he was being filmed the whole time. (He’s not as good at acting as his rumored girlfriend, Hailee Steinfeld.) In fact, Pepsi is branding it as an invitation for Bills Mafia and the rest of the nation to “Buffalo Your Pepsi.” Pepsi even put out a recipe for those who want to try it at home: Pour 1 tbsp. buffalo sauce in a Pepsi or Pepsi Zero Sugar, mix with celery, and enjoy. (If you’re doing this at a restaurant, simply ask for extra hot sauce on the side with your buffalo wings.) Fans are also invited to share their own Buffalo Pepsi creations on X and Instagram for a chance to win merchandise signed by Allen or a free Buffalo Pepsi Drink Kit. From Sept. 27 through Oct. 2, social media users can share photos and videos with the tags @pepsi, #BuffaloPepsi and #Sweepstakes to enter. (See official rules.) “Adding buffalo sauce to your soda, especially Pepsi Zero Sugar, spices up the cola game, and trust me, you didn’t even know you were missing out on this flavor touchdown,” Allen said in a press release. “Once you Buffalo your Pepsi, I promise you’ll be hooked!” (That’s right, Western New York, he called it “soda” and not “pop.”) But is Allen onto something? Is adding buffalo sauce to soda actually a good thing? Or is it gross? “Hot sauce works with just about anything,” one X user responded to Allen. “It looks absolutely amazing!! I am in!!” another wrote. “All goes the same place. Haven’t tried it but if your eating wings w the sauce and drink. All gonna be in your mouth same time anyways. So why not? Enjoy brother,” a third reasoned. Others said it was more yuck than yum. “Josh… cmon man. I cant keep defending you,” a Bills Mafia member said. “josh ew why,” added another. “Please don’t get sick, we need you this Sunday!” a concerned fan wrote.
  8. Both are wrong... you voted for Biden. Who is the dumb ass? You are. How is that gas filled up truck? Almost double than what it was under Trump.
  9. I'm a union member and I'm a pro-union voter regular if it's a Democrat or Republic politician. We need bigger raises and keep our benefits the same or better and COLA is lagging over your shit POTUS... that you voted for.
  10. So much for fighting for the unions says the Democrats but they do sure take members dues from their officials. As usual, the Trump crowds will be bigger and more members of becoming Republicans. Biden, Playing Catchup with Trump, Visits UAW Strike; First President to Picket President Joe Biden picketed Tuesday with United Auto Workers (UAW) members in Michigan, on a visit he announced after former President Donald Trump said that he would be traveling to join striking workers there. The UAW has walked off the job at General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis plants in an effort to push for higher wages, amid high inflation and lavish government subsidies on electric vehicles (EV) — both features of “Bidenomics.” Biden spoke to striking workers on a picket line through a bullhorn, telling them that he stood with them. He did not, however, mention inflation or the EV push, which critics say are two primary reasons for the strike. UAW President Shawn Fain, who spoke after Biden, likened the “corporate greed” of auto makers to the Axis powers that the U.S. faced in World War Two. The Hill noted that Biden is now the first sitting U.S. president to picket with striking workers: Experts in presidential and U.S. labor history say they cannot recall an instance when a sitting president has joined an ongoing strike, even during the tenures of the more ardent pro-union presidents such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Theodore Roosevelt invited labor leaders alongside mine operators to the White House amid a historic coal strike in 1902, a decision that was seen at the time as a rare embrace of unions as Roosevelt tried to resolve the dispute. … Lawmakers often appear at strikes to show solidarity with unions, and during his 2020 Democratic primary campaign, Biden and other presidential hopefuls joined a picket line of hundreds of casino workers in Las Vegas who were pushing for a contract with The Palms Casino Resort. But sitting presidents, who have to balance the rights of workers with disruptions to the economy, supply chains and other facets of everyday life, have long wanted to stay out of the strike fray — until Biden. President-elect Barack Obama also supported an illegal strike by workers at a window factory before he took office in 2008. Trump announced Sep. 18 that he would be appearing with striking workers in Detroit on Sep. 27 rather than attending the second Republican presidential primary debate. Democrats panicked at the prospect of Trump’s visit. Biden then announced, four days later, that he would be visiting UAW workers. His visit happened to be the day before Trump’s. Biden has done this before: in 2020, he visited riot-torn Kenosha, Wisconsin, after Trump did.
  11. Yet he voted for Biden. Apparently it was mad as Hell but pulled the lever for a Democrat.
  12. Something else is going wrong here. Democrats are all engaged in bribes and corruptions. So, why are they so upset over Bob Menendez. Biden is clearly deeply involved in corruption and bribes from our nation's enemies. And Democrats don't care. But, Bob Menendez sure has them all in bunch. There is something going on here that has nothing to do with corruption. Bob is standing in their way of something.
  13. bUt hEs oNLy 25 yEaRs OLd! You're right, Edmunds he's basically built like Tarzan but plays like Jane and the Chicago Bears will not be happy with this signing. I wouldn't be surprised if he lets him go elsewhere or restructure them after a year or two Bears contract changes. I'm glad that Beane was smart enough to pay for Milano and let Edmunds leave from Buffalo without an contract offer.
  14. The 2nd Amendment says to suck on it you Democrat, non-military supporter. Fucking Communist who has severe TDS and who voted for Biden and Harris.
  15. Suck on it Edmunds you lesbian looking like overpaid Chicago Bears wannabe LBer! Terrel Bernard joins elite Bills company with eye-popping stat line in 1st quarter vs. Commanders Buffalo Bills fans spent all five seasons of Tremaine Edmunds’ run with the team clamoring for more splash plays. With Edmunds now in Chicago with the Bears after inking a massive free-agent contract back in March, second-year linebacker Terrel Bernard delivered a few splash plays in his place. Bernard put together a first quarter for the history books. He recorded an interception to stop a Washington drive that had gone deep into Bills’ territory and sacked second-year Washington Commanders quarterback two times. The monster first quarter from Bernard made him just the third Bills player since 1982 to record an interception and two sacks in the same game, per Mike Haim. He joins Bills legends Cornelius Bennett (1989) and Jerry Hughes (2020) - Hughes collected his interception and two sacks in the fourth quarter against the New York Jets. Bernard ended two drives for the Commanders, who trail the Bills, 13-0, late in the second quarter at FedEx Field. Bernard picked off Howell on a 3rd and long play deep in his own zone and then forced the Commanders to punt with a sack on another third down play on the next drive. Edmunds played five seasons with the Bills and only managed five interceptions in 76 career regular season games. Edmunds, the Bills’ 2018 first-round pick, finished his first season as the starting middle linebacker with two interceptions. Bernard now has two interceptions in his first three games as the starting middle linebacker for the Bills.
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