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  1. It is. An ANTIFA person armed and attacking a federal building gets the case dismissed while people who were just there in DC on the 6th are still in prison without a trial.
  2. Meanwhile most Democrats don't even want him to run in 2024.
  3. Wrong, nowhere on this site will you find me saying that he's responsible for everything. Hell, technically he's responsible for nothing since he's barely coherent and all they need is his signature to pass off some new policy that will hurt Americans. Dude is the total Potato-in-Chief.
  4. You didn't fix anything. Neither of those guys makes a cent from those vitamins and drugs. Big Pharma on the other hand has sold millions of more doses of their non-effective "vacsheens" to the government that taxpayers funded the development for. I can see why they would want to "debonk" those guys because they're interfering with the gravy train.
  5. Did you watch "2000 Mules" yet? If the answer is no then get back to us when you do. It's free on Rumble bro!
  6. I know, what a couple of loons right? Who wants to listen to a couple of guys who advocate vitamins, proper nutrition, and low cost older drugs to alleviate chronic conditions over Big Pharma who wants you to take their latest and highly expensive and probably not properly tested drugs? Jeez, I am definitely a nut taking their advice!
  7. I mean, c'mon bro, how can I take you seriously when you start off with a heavily biased opening paragraph like this? You say you're an independent and then type out this whole post bashing Trump and saying that Biden is responsible for nothing. Do I think Biden is responsible for all of the ills we're facing now? No, and I never said that, however as president, he plays a huge role in a lot of the little cogs turning in this huge machine. In my opinion he's just the brain dead front man for a huge bureaucracy that doesn't have America as its first interest and I will go to my death bed avowing that the 2020 Election was not legitimate which I'm sure we will find out more and more about as the sausage is slowly unraveled over the years. The silver lining is that his existence in the White House is waking people up and doing untold damage to the Democrats for years to come but the question remains if the replacements that come in during November will be committed to undoing the devastation.
  8. I used to like the show he did with his son "Conspiracy Theory" and I read the book he mentioned in the beginning. Haven't read his new one though.
  9. You know you keep saying that but I don't believe it because rarely do I see a thread from you calling out any Democrats. Everything with you is Trump, Trump, Trump and the guy hasn't even been in office for almost 2 years yet you rationalize that by saying that he still has a base (which he does). If you hadn't noticed the country is swirling down the toilet bowl now and you have all of these ripe opportunities to bash Biden and his incompetent administration yet you pass them up. So where is the truth seeking? You have been on point with that but still you're still politically aligning with the people who are pushing this nonsense. I actually don't mind the classic rock aspect of Ozzy's Boneyard but I agree that it isn't 100% metal and sometimes they play a little too much Ozzy and exalt him so much and the guy has never written a song in his life. Mine's on Pluto TV to catch older movies, YouTube commentary channels, or "The Great Courses" channel on Amazon Prime which is $7.99 a month and features lectures from college professors on a variety of subjects.
  10. AFC East Team Over Under New York Jets 5.5 / -155 5.5 / +130 Miami Dolphins 8.5 / -130 8.5 / +110 New England Patriots 8.5 / -120 8.5 / +100 Buffalo Bills 11.5 / -130 11.5 / +110
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