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  1. That would have to happen but a lot of people would be very unhappy including yourself because your tax bracket would be shooting up straight north. Also don't forget all of the million and billionaires evaporating - not just the average Joe.
  2. We already had this discussion, where is the ready made taxpayer base to fund it if every white person suddenly vanished tomorrow? You don't have an answer.
  3. He's speaking your language! You know, you're the guy who thinks billiards is racist because a white cue ball hits all the other colored balls around the table. Your secret talent is that you can find racism in anything.
  4. LOL. You welcome nothing keyboard coward and I will not be lectured by an insipid Social Justice Warrior who has zero proof of what they say except for "I said so." You think I'm wanting a lawsuit? No, you're just libelous on the internet which is the only place you feel empowered because your life is empty. This is the last interaction I will have with you so enjoy it!
  5. Jeez buddy, I thought you'd be thrilled to hear this line. During the address on Wednesday in Moscow, the Russian leader took a swipe at the populations of Western countries, which he described as the "golden billion", and asked why their leaders should "impose their own rules of conduct based on the illusion of exclusivity" which he believed was "inherently racist and neo-colonial."
  6. I grew up with this song and think her whole train of thought here is dumb but, let's be honest, it's a superficial issue that has zero effect on my life. If I want to hear her sing it I can bring up the original recording anytime I wish. Does this stop me from buying tickets to her show? No, because I wasn't buying them anyway with the limited amount of live big name acts that inspire me to go see them. Lately I've been having way more fun watching local cover bands.
  7. I think this board would be better without Left Wing Fascists like you but I have zero desire to put up a series of call out threads because only pansies do that kind of thing and I'm of the mindset that "iron sharpens iron." Unfortunately I've seen this all before having been on various message boards for over 2 decades. A group of users come in who don't contribute to actual discussion and just troll other users and then, before you know it, the board dies because the cancer gets out of control. With no actual users left to troll the locusts move to some other board and repeat the process. In my opinion the Buffalo Range is on the precipice of this happening so whatever the moderators choose to do is on them but I have no obligation to be here. If they want to let Shiva, Spiked, "Tonya," and others run the show they are free to do as they see fit since they pay the bills.
  8. Got it, so their job is to drive out Conservative thought to make this a left wing echo chamber? Let us know how that works out because soon you'll be eating your own. In my mind they're just flies buzzing around with the intellectual capacity of toddlers and I'm shocked that they're actually older than me.
  9. There is free speech and there is also libel. Since this particular poster is insulated from us I have no recourse on that and proper moderation isn't being done. Do you think the message board is better off with these gay call out posts? If so I could drum up some nice choice quotes and make one about you. Either way, labeling me as a "right wing extremist" is laughable.
  10. Putin Warns West Current World Order Is Over and New Era Is Coming Vladimir Putin has warned that "a new stage in world history" is coming in a speech in which he condemned "the model of total domination" by the West. During the address on Wednesday in Moscow, the Russian leader took a swipe at the populations of Western countries, which he described as the "golden billion", and asked why their leaders should "impose their own rules of conduct based on the illusion of exclusivity" which he believed was "inherently racist and neo-colonial." "One gets the impression that the West simply cannot offer the world its own model of the future," Putin said, as he described how the dominance of the West owed itself to "the robbery of other peoples both in Asia and in Africa." He singled out India in particular as being "robbed" in his criticism of colonial powers. With Russia facing sanctions from the West due to his invasion, trade ties between New Delhi and Moscow have strengthened since the start of the Ukraine war and Russia has pivoted towards countries like China and Iran. This week, Putin held meetings with Iranian and Turkish leaders in Tehran in which he looked to forge a new alliance in response to tough measures imposed by the U.S. and its allies, predominantly in Europe. Putin said that the global "elites" were now "terribly afraid" that other parts of the world "may present their own options for development." "But no matter how much Western and supranational elites strive to preserve the existing order of things—a new era is coming, a new stage in world history," he added. He then said that "high growth dynamics" could only be achieved by "truly sovereign states" in what appeared to be a criticism of what he considers to be Western interference in Russia and the war he is prosecuting. During his address to the meeting of business leaders titled "Strong Ideas for a New Time", whose transcript was on the Kremlin website, Putin made no mention of Ukraine. But it comes within the context of the West's tough response to Russia for invading its neighbor, involving sanctions and ever deepening military cooperation and assistance for Kyiv. In March, Putin railed at the "collective West" which he accused of "trying to divide our society" by taking advantage of the "socioeconomic consequences of the sanctions" that were imposed soon after his invasion. However on Monday, Putin said that measures intended to isolate Russia, would not turn the clock back on his country's development. He told Russian government figures "we are not going to give up and stay in a state of disarray or, as some of our 'well-wishers' predict, go back decades."
  11. I'm laughing at them because I must really disturb this coward enough that he can hide behind a keyboard and talk trash. Says way more about him than me. Sad thing, he knows it's true!
  12. 2 people? I'm only in one picture. Not sure who the other guy is. However this is the kind of spam that should be moderated.
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