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  1. I will agree, but the problem is that he left behind the rest of the vermin to stink up the place Real change is needed here...not just one POS poster going away
  2. Try harder Fraudky boy LOL You're completely consumed by MAGA/TDS that it leads you to posts like these where only you look like da fool I enjoy these very much because it confirms that you are still owned by conservatives
  3. LOL Three others nor guilty, and two charges for this guy dropped The establishment in Washington should all be charged with sedition if this is the bar that needs to be cleared
  4. Imagine being so consumed by TDS and MAGA tourettes that you post this thinking it's some kind of win. Nice self own, dumbfuk LOL
  5. Biden's cabinet members are some truly great people Is this ICDicksinmyass?
  6. Sitting at a table with someone that holds different views and beliefs is one thing Being a mentor and friend to the longest sitting senator who was a KKK leader and open racist is another That is Joe Biden...you're dear leader, and Democrats Have a nice day, retards!
  7. Let me paint a picture for you The 2020 election is going well for Biden and Democrats...he's up big in all the battleground states. Then, all of a sudden there's a supposed water main break in GA and they stop counting. In near unison, the other battleground states stop counting as well. The huge leads he has in every state all go south at around 3 to 4 am where vote dumps of unprecedented and nearly mathematically impossible numbers for Trump happen. And in AZ and PA, it takes several days before they finally overtake Biden and Democrats. You find out the water main break was a toilet that overflowed. You see people pull out suitcases in GA after many of the poll workers are told to leave. You see vans pull up and deliver bags and boxes of votes in the dead of night. You hear a truck driver testify that he drove a semi with ballots from NY to PA. All these things and numerous other happenings that should at least raise some questions. How do you think the media and Democrats would have responded? Also, remember...Democrats burned and rioted at the Capitol in 2017 at Trumps inauguration and deemed him illegitimate. Also remember the media basically encouraged the BLM riots in 2020, and cities were preparing for the worst in case the 2020 election didn't go the way people (mainly democrats) had hoped. If you think conservatives protesting the election and asking for congress to hold off certification until audits and debate on the house floor takes place was bad, can you imagine what Dems would have done? The correct answer is that it would have made what happened that day look like a picnic in comparison. It would have been a massive attack on the capitol and police all over the country. Way more damage, and way more death would have occurred. And anyone that is unbiased would agree with what I'm saying. Conservatives handled what many still see as a stolen election better than what I would expect TBH. There is a case to be made that a true uprising to remove our current form of government should take place in that scenario. There were also many bad actors like Antifa involved (there's video footage of this) and we also know about Ray Epps and FBI instigators that incited it. I have no doubt that conservatives are much more patient and look for peaceful solutions before resorting to craziness. Give the same scenarios that we have been put through to liberals and they completely lose it.
  8. I've made numerous statements about him that were negative...you again are just oblivious to it because you are brainwashed into believing everything that makes Trump the bad guy in your brain. There are much worse people in our government right now than he ever was...this is 100% factual.
  9. I always knew that people like him existed, but actually interacting with them is a whole other thing. Cut these types out of your life if you know anyone similar. I also highly suggest not subjecting yourself to their deranged and looney posts here. Fantastic move on my part that I have no regrets over
  10. Not submitting to your completely false statements that are clearly TDS induced is what's called common sense. It's got nothing to do with being an apologist or admitting something that is horribly incorrect
  11. No...I mean establishment politicians as a whole And fixing the economy is easy. Go back to everything the orange man was doing. But you'd have to not be corrupt and beholden to China, Ukraine, etc for that
  12. A bum off the street is better than an establishment POS that gives zero fucks about the country or it's people Not even joking
  13. But they told you it was a pAnDeMiC oV dE uNvAxXeD They told you it was safe and effective, and they didn't even test it for it's effectiveness against transmission You're missing the point here
  14. 99.9% of the population can say the same when it comes to that lunatic
  15. Much respect to you for making this thread, Herodotus. And I can tell you for a fact that I will also do the same when I'm shown to have been wrong on things I have been behind. I truly hope that the shots were just a big pharma scam to make them billions, and not the more sinister shot that some are speculating.
  16. I simply provide information. You do as you wish with it. I couldn't care less what you or anyone else thinks about it. It's the choice of the reader to make of it what they will, but someone like you always dismisses anything that doesn't fit the narrative put out there by people that give ZERO fucks about you and I...that is 1000% truth. You don't even have the theory right, either, dum dum. What the doc was trying to show in my eyes is that we are seeing many deaths amongst all age groups at a rate that is way higher and in some cases at a 0% probability rate...miscarriages and still births are showing similar increased rates. Nobody is saying we are slow killing the better part of 12 billion people. They also believe a good amount of the shots were of poor quality and not stored properly so they may have ended up being worthless... and therfore being an actual blessing for some instead. It also points out the fact that nobody knows or even seems to want to know what is actually in the shot, and that people are having many issues with their heart...along with blood clots and strange looking blood has been found by embalmers and mortuary workers/doctors. I will always laugh at you because you get super triggered and angry over anything that myself or any conservative posts for that matter. Talk about a special kind of stupid...you're doing the work of the globalists for them, and your insistence on being a dickbag towards myself and others because we supported Trump makes you a TDS consumed sheep of the media and their globalist cohorts. You're what's wrong with this board, and this country. Americans like you do nothing to make people or this country better.
  17. They told you safe and effective. They told you it would prevent you from getting and transmitting C19 They told you it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated Everything they have told you has been found to be a lie Shills here continue to side with the lying scum that gets rich off of the backs of the people
  18. Did you watch it? Clots and the activation of cancers in the body for starters You willingly took a product that wasn't tested properly and was only approved due to an "emergency" brought to you by a man that has openly talked about using vaccines to depopulate the planet That is how stupid the sheep are
  19. It's not his documentary, for starters Secondly...you can't dispute anything that's in it...nor will you attempt to because you don't even have the decency to check it out. I think it's because you're a bitch that regrets their decision to get jabbed, but only you know the truth as to why you are the way you are. I will do you, nor any other loser here any favors...that much you can be sure of. I will always be here, and I'll never stop bringing you the uncomfortable truths that damage your fragile and weak mind. You should appreciate what I do instead of being a little bitch...if we're being honest.
  20. He was simply sharing the link for the documentary, dumfuk But of course you're too simple to understand this, or to take a minute to actually click the link Enjoy your poison shot, champ. Hope you make it a few more years
  21. Ah, yes...the usual weak as fuck response to something that this fuckboi doesn't want to deal with mentally. Cognitive dissonance is real, and on full display with posters like this one
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