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  1. You uphold the myth that he is a criminal. Like you like to say in any other matter...let me know when something happens. Not when it come to that bad, bad, orange man that owns your mind, though! The fact that you still hold this belief after six years of investigations that have turned up exactly nothing...fake warrants, fake impeachments, Russia hoaxes, pee pee tape hoax, Charlottesville hoax, etc...means that you are proven to be a deranged lunatic with TDS. Those facts are indeed true when it comes to you, Mr MAGA tourettes/TDS extreme
  2. John Solomon does top notch reporting, so this should be considered the truth You think you have some sort of idea, but you just have TDS that leads you to be wrong on lots of shit
  3. Dems voted in unison against an amendment to the bill that would guarantee that the middle class would not get audited more with the additional agents and money that the IRS will be receiving. That tells you everything about what they wanna do and how little they care about the people
  4. Yet you still post things here like this trash Are you mentally ill, or desperate for attention? Maybe a little of both Go the fuck away already, cocksucker
  5. A subpoena would have made much more sense, and would have made the FBI and DOJ look much better or at least more partial. The raid or "execution of a search warrant" (call it what you wish) makes them look heavy handed and as if they are looking to intimidate or go after political opponents. There simply was no need. And let's talk about some of the newest revelations from this. Trump says they weren't allowed to keep a copy of the warrant that states what the probable cause was. No word on if they even said what was the probable cause Trumps lawyers were not allowed to watch them while the went through the property. Cameras were ordered to be shut off. They just grabbed boxes without looking through anything. 20 cars and 30 agents with machine guns? Is he Tony Montana? You dopes have said this man is a criminal and is guilty of everything under the sun since Nov 8 of 2016, and almost six years later and you still have nothing. Investigations, fake warrants, impeachments, show trials, and now an FBI raid...yet I'm suppose to believe that a museum (the National Archives) needed classified documents as a matter of national security, and that even though Trump and his lawyers gave them tons of documents and were working in collaboration, that they needed to go get a search warrant for this man, and that they utilized a judge that worked for Jeffrey Epstein and was an Obama donor to sign off, and that it's all on the level? Not a fucking chance in hell. The working theory of Trump having dirt on the FBI (spygate related) and the Clinton's, and his refusal the day before the raid to drop his lawsuit against the Clinton's makes much more sense. They found a judge to sign off on them going in so they could get everything he has document wise. Why haven't we found out what the probable cause was? The public outrage...even by some on the left is a problem for them all. They should inform the public why this unprecedented and what appears to be unnecessary move had to be made.
  6. Lots of connections between this judge and the Trump vs Clinton case that's still ongoing. Very interesting bit of info in this vid
  7. Whatever documents were taken...it clearly wasn't an issue until January if 2022. At this point, the Trump team was working with them to go through these boxes and turn over whatever they were asking for. As late as June they were working with them on this, and then talks apparently broke down (according to a source). A subpoena would have been the next logical step if there was an impasse that wasn't able to be rectified...not a raid by the FEDS where they show up with machine guns and 20 cars and crack open safes. Some are now saying that the FEDS and the DOJ actually went in and did this to comb through all documents to find something related to 1/6, and I agree with that. They can take anything under the guise of classified documents that they knew he had, but anything they find in the records pertaining to something else is also able to be confiscated. So they basically used the whole document thing to go on a fishing expedition for something they can use for 1/6. It makes perfect sense, actually. So in reality...this will most likely end up as another hoax where our three letter agencies overreached and took unprecedented and unnecessary action to a man that has been treated very unfair by our government and these agencies for years. But, hey...at least the TDS sufferers got their giggles for a bit. Enjoy it while it lasts...
  8. Except there was no theft, and they've been working with the Archives for months on these documents. They have also had access to these documents not too long ago. You are cheering on something that should concern all of us greatly You're a fucking fool
  9. Confirmed Consecutive days for you accusing me of lies...only to be proven wrong both times. I'd be ashamed if it was me, but you clearly have no shame or honor to speak of
  10. He didn't destroy anything, and he's been working with them to go through the documents Trumps actions have been anything but criminal You're a desperate individual that has let TDS blind you to the total corruption of our government and the three letter agencies
  11. He should have acid washed it all...then he would have been fine. Oh, wait...that's Democrats. Also...a subpoena would've been sufficient. Especially when you're talking about a former president that has been wrongfully persecuted on multiple occasions due to made up warrants like FISA and the Steele dossier. You would think that they would take that into account the next time something similar took place, wouldn't you? And we also know for a fact that Trumps team has been working with the Archives on these documents, and that they had access to them a couple of months ago. Instead, we get a sealed warrant that was approved by a judge who used to be a lawyer for Epstein with 20 cars and 30 agents with machine guns storming his home and cracking safes You only want justice when it comes to your political opposition...like the leftist authoritarian that you are. The Biden crime family, the Clinton's, Pelosi, Comey, Schiff, etc are all ok in your book Fucking clown
  12. That was also proven as fact How far behind the actual news are you, guy? LOL
  13. Weaponization against the middle class that Dems refused to protect in an amendment that they fully rejected
  14. You were told and shown Pages 38-42 in the legislation (aka the bill)
  15. You wanna challenge my posts after your beat down yesterday, bud? Put your money where your mouth is, bitch. I'm wrong - I leave You're wrong - you leave You wouldn't take the challenge yesterday cause you were wrong What about today, coward?
  16. Looks like we found the judge that ok'd the raid Just Jeffrey Epsteins former lawyer and Obama donor Nothing to see here
  17. https://www.wtrf.com/news/national-news/eric-trump-fbi-mar-a-lago-search-focused-on-documents-sought-by-national-archives/
  18. I'm sorry Did I originally state that the 80 billion for the IRS was for enforcement?
  19. So make your claim, Hipkat Let's hear what crime he committed, and what's going to happen. I only care because I want it on record so we can laugh at you all again when we find out it was all a bunch of BS BTW...Trump's team has been working with the National archives for months and had access to these same boxes just a couple months ago. He didn't acid wash and delete files either, like Killary. Another fun fact about the Clinton's is that they took 28k worth of furnishings from the White House when they left. The loons and TDS sufferers post some of the dumbest shit on planet earth
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