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  1. https://www.wnd.com/2022/05/inconvenient-truth-globalists-arctic-ice-30-year-high/ You've been played and programmed by your masters, once again. Hoax after hoax to get you to help them and to screw over yourself and your loved ones. Pathetic
  2. https://www.wnd.com/2022/05/inconvenient-truth-globalists-arctic-ice-30-year-high/ You've been played and programmed by your masters, once again. Hoax after hoax to get you to help them and to screw over yourself and your loved ones.
  3. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/watch-az-state-senate-candidate-gary-snyder-yuma-county-school-board-member-set-plead-guilty-2020-election-ballot-trafficking-crimes-exposed-2000-mules-hearing-june-2nd/ 2,000 mules gets ballot trafficker in AZ to change plead to guilty bUt DeRs nO eViDeNce, and 2k mules hAz bEn dEbUnKed LOL
  4. I think I might actually be on board with this tactic...being that these are clearly problem posters that were banned from another board. They are losers that are desperate for attention. Their aim here is not legitimate discussion. Do not engage and take away what they seek the most
  5. But you have made a living here running with bad information...so long as it suits your masters agenda, of course. LOL
  6. It's ok, bud Nobody listens or takes anything you say seriously, anyway.
  7. Sorry that truth doesn't register in your noggin
  8. Sounds alot like today's Democratic party if you take the time to read the post slowly...
  9. Had it last December. Symptoms were mild besides about two days of some of the worst back pain I've had. The flu was much worse for me. Could've worked the entire time if they would've let me
  10. Trans people make up 1% of this countries population. This entire subject gets more attention than is warranted. IDGAF about any persons race or how they want to identify. Just be a good person and keep to yourself like I do and we are good.
  11. So is being an ugly, miserable, stupid, and short SOB. You're lucky you ever got laid
  12. Never challenged anyone to a fight, bud. I simply gave these posters that talk tough a chance to meet me so we can see what's good. Statistically speaking...the man that posts as if the world is evil and is out to get him would seem much more likely to commit an act of violence than me.
  13. F8 is extremely unstable and complicated deranged. He lives in a false reality where left is right, up is down, and everything that makes sense doesn't and vice versa. He needs to seek help for these mental issues, but seems to be rejecting the heartfelt advice given to him. With the rhetoric he's been using, and the state of mind he's in...I'm concerned that he may end up being the next mass shooter. Lit should probably contact the authorities and give them his information...if I'm being honest.
  14. I think that was actually what they were alluding to. I'm an evil genius hiding my racism by hanging out with blacks. Mwah, haha! They'll never know! EVER!
  15. You haven't made one good point since you arrived here, smooth brain.
  16. They're too moronic to talk to in terms of simple logic and common sense. We are in the toilet as a society because of people just like these jokers
  17. Congrats, ICR...you mow have the resident sheep/mental midget on your team now. LOL
  18. Any of you are welcome to come visit me and my buds and let them know you are here to help them understand that I'm a racist. I actually would highly encourage any of you to do this.
  19. Cool. Also...my conversations will have nothing to do with you because you're an off the rails wacko leftist loon that offers no chance of legitimate or reasonable discussion. Go bark up another tree, Sparky. I'm done with you and similar posters here.
  20. Mouth breathers want to strip Americans of their right to protect themselves and to hunt so criminals can run wild, and so that our government or other countries can enslave us. Wackos are gonna wacko. Look at the loons here like F8 and SpunkedLemonPiss. I could see these guys doing the same thing cause they are unhinged and deranged. Maybe if the state of America was better...we would have less people going off the rails. The best protection against criminals and wackos is to arm the citizens so they can help defend and protect themselves and their families. Stripping the masses that are responsible because of loons like this guy is the epitome of stupidity
  21. Try to comprehend better. I have grown up in one of the most diverse and roughest cities in America, and have more of a connection with blacks...by and large. Maybe this is too hard for you to understand, but maybe you are the one that would appear to be the fish out of water and racist around myself and my friends that would be primarily black. I'll chalk this whole nonsensical and moronic conversation up to your ignorance, actually. I have no patience for incompetence from internet dopes anymore. Go pound sand. I'm not the one to play this game with
  22. Sorry. I wouldn't give a second of my time to anything that involves CNN, bud. Mainstream media is trash that only looks to program sheep like some of the leftist wackos here. You have at it, and you have at your phoney racism/Jim Crow 2.0 BS. I will live in the real world where racism is largely non existent, and the real threat to America is our corrupt government and institutions. You have fallen into the trap that the others have, and I would expect most people with logic and common sense to stop falling for these bogus issues that don't even register on the radar of real problems in this country. It's a nothingburger like most of the talking points coming from the left at this point.
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