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  1. The only thing this board agrees on is that SpunkedLemonPiss is not welcome here, and that he should leave to never return.
  2. Greg "Hipkat" Hansen uses the N word here rather frequently, also. Kind of weird to make him a MOD in light of this, but that's what you get when someone the likes of Lit runs this place Greg is also a true to life coward and would never use that language outside of this board Str8 pussy
  3. Why don't you reflect on why your country is irrelevant in the world, and get off our nuts Faggot
  4. Most worthless poster/troll of 2022 award goes to...SpunkedLemonPiss Congrats, fuckboi
  5. SpunkedLemonPiss performs a very similar ritual...except it's with the penises of strange men that smell funny. He may even be a record holder himself Way to go, Canada!
  6. Glad you've been busy obsessing and spending your free time preparing some lame as fuck thread that nobody will care about whatsoever for when you get back to being a nuisance/shitposter Can't wait...
  7. Except I've called him a corrupt puppet for the people that bought and paid for Joe to do their bidding long ago. You're a clueless SOB
  8. Why don't you get learned by a real investigative journalist that has the real scoop on the Ukraine saga
  9. The evidence will only exist when his media masters decide to inform him. Until then...dArEz nO EVaDiNcE
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