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  1. Keep drinking, Brewman The first time you post a coherent thought will be the first
  2. The biggest criminal ever besides GWB as president is Joe Biden and his family. Imagine that one, because it's true AF
  3. I think that billionaires are pretty much hands off when it comes to how their businesses are managed...that's why they pay big bucks to those they put in charge to oversee it. I'm sure he is brought up to speed on how things are going on maybe a quarterly basis as well as major decisions, but to think that he was involved or had knowledge of how taxes were being taken care of is quite the reach. So, no...I don't believe you, because I don't think you have any idea of how a billionaire/president spends his time, and what his priorities are.
  4. Exactly...it was his organization, not him. Unless you think that this man was running operations and doing his own taxes Maybe you do being the retard you are LOL
  5. If Lit isn't banning the scum here that have made death threats, doxxed, and broke all the other rules he laid out, then he certainly isn't banning over a nazi sign LOL Love all these posters butthurt, tho
  6. TDS This has little to nothing to do with Trump, but we know how desperate you all are to claim a win for once, so keep on believing you got him Clowns
  7. AZ audit found over 17k illegal ballots, and that is really the only place that did a real audit. Verification requires the states to truly investigate...which they want no part of.
  8. Referrals that will either be declined, or will fail in court if the partisan DOJ proceeds with it. Who wants to bet their existence here on it?
  9. It's not lacking at all...it's the courts that used standing as a reason to not actually look at it that is the issue. If they would look at it, they would see that the election was not free and fair, and that a true remedy would to have the election redone without the mass mail in balloting and Dominion machines that were connected to the internet and are easily hackable.
  10. Yikes! I think you are trying desperately to excuse the guy you wanted as president by equating him being completely corrupt and compromised by the countries he and his family did shady/illegal business dealings with other presidents that did no such thing...or at least not anywhere near the scale or magnitude of what Biden has done. You still have alot of waking up to do, but I do think that you are starting...so there's that
  11. Not even a valid comparison Hunter and the laptop are only relevant because it implicates Joe Biden for selling influence...something that may mean him being compromised and absolutely corrupt. And I'm sure the things you constantly bring up were looked at since Trump is the most investigated person in US history...the problem is there's nothing there. If there was, then he'd be charged...simple as that. I want all criminals to face punishment. IDGAF if it's Biden, Trump, or any other POS in our government.
  12. More deflection. Democrats had control for two years. They should have looked into this if it was a real thing, but I'm guessing it's not...otherwise, they would have pursued it. Instead, they go with sham committees and hoaxes because they think they have a better shot fooling people with that. I'm all for going after corrupt politicians and government officials. When you have the goods on Trump family like we have on the Biden crime family, go for it. I will have no sympathy or remorse for any of them. You're problem is TDS has broken you and your brain, and you would let America burn to the ground before you admitted something that even slightly painted Trump in a better light. That makes you a total sheep and a dickbag
  13. Fraudk and the leftist retards are literally trying to whitewash and cover up for a pedophile because oRaNgE MaN bAd Let that sink in
  14. There is a chance that Trump’s omission may have been legal, nonetheless. Although officials have to list personal loans on their financial disclosures, the law does not require them to include loans to their companies, unless they are personally liable for the loans. The Trump Organization documents do not specify whether the former president, who owned 100% of the entities responsible for the debt, personally guaranteed the liability, leaving it unclear whether he broke the law or merely took advantage of a loophole.
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