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  1. I don't waste my time trying to educate and save those that are TDS consumed and have zero ability to use logic and reasoning anymore. There's way too much going on in this world and in my world to bother with the likes of the truly mentally ill here on a daily basis. We did win and banish SpunkedLemonPiss, though...so we did accomplish something as a team here. The time for you and the other sheep to wake up will arrive when it's supposed to
  2. Make no mistake...the US has by far the best players in the world at nearly every competitive sport known to man, and they prove it time and again. If you beat the US, it's either because they were disinterested, or they sent inferior players to compete against your lesser teams. FACTS
  3. Throw the bait out and watch the TDS sufferers take a big bite Works every time LOL
  4. FAFO applies once again Don't fuck around unless you wanna find out
  5. You'll be the first in line to your own concentration camp, or if you're lucky, a quick execution. And the last thought you have before you die will be that you should have listened to us
  6. Your simple, feeble mind couldn't even begin to process the things that it is presented with...which is why you react in the manner you do
  7. Both Democrats and Republicans have gone on record about elections being stolen, machines being easily hacked, etc The difference this time around is that an illegitimate regime that is operating as a criminal enterprise is using it's power to maintain it and stop someone who poses a threat to their operation.
  8. Law and order needs to be restored in this country that has been turned upside down under this corrupt regime that is owned by the CCP, Ukraine, and the others that paid to install these puppets. You back the worst of them, Hipkat. And you will have to own that when it's no longer able to be ignored
  9. Georgia was loaded with election fraud, and there are alot of receipts that show it...just like the clip above. I think these dummies played right into the hands of 45, and he will get a worldwide audience where we can lay out the fraud for those that aren't completely brainwashed TDS sufferers, so that they can finally see the truth for themselves. Good times ahead for the American loving Patriots...otherwise known as MAGA Patriots
  10. You are an enemy of America, and I would treat you as such if I ever encountered you
  11. Elections in America are a joke. The facts are we are near the bottom in election security globally. And also Democrats have been crying about stolen elections and easily hackable machines for many years now, and they had nothing like what took place in 2020. But you never cared until the party you do not side with does it because you're a fraud at your very core
  12. Easily manipulated, low IQ voters like this poster is just one of the problems facing this country
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