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  1. We really need to stop responding to this poster entirely These incredibly desperate and pathetic trolling attempts should be curbed since Lit won't do what he should It's up to the rest of us to take care of this bottom feeder
  2. What part about most election "deniers" abandoned Fox almost entirely after the 2020 election where they contributed to the steal did you miss the last time we told you?
  3. Another mental case The only struggles being had is by you two struggling to realize that everyone sees you both much differently than you do yourselves
  4. Try again Debating someone with mental illness doesn't make sense for someone that doesn't have such issues
  5. He's actually wrong Straight white males are not the majority of mass shooters. We already went over this, but don't let that stop the board stooge/troll from making nonsense posts
  6. Did I trigger you again, snowflake? I simply explained myself and you responded with super passive aggressiveness First you wanted to engage in discussion and debate, and now it's devolved into exactly what I said...except you went full clown and want to pretend that you didn't really want to discuss with me in the first place Consider yourself played with that self own LOL Consider me amused LOL
  7. We tried that, my guy You don't operate in good faith at all. You don't even believe in faith. Quite the interesting word selection used by you. Complete phoney I have my beliefs challenged here all the time. The difference is that someone like Hipkat has gone about it in a manner that I now respect. You, on the other hand do not. That's it. Sorry you couldn't make the grade when it comes to fundamental things like legitimate discussion and debate
  8. That's the thing...you don't want that. You want to play games and name call like you did in the previous post. My point is proven once again by your own shitty conduct...just like the others
  9. Nope It's an admission that I dismissed you as a legitimate poster long ago when you proved to be a shitbag. I may give you another shot if I see you making an honest effort with others here, but as of now...I'm not interested.
  10. Oh You thought I cared about whether you take my calls for traditional American values seriously? That's so cute...
  11. You can choose to believe that if you'd like. It's like the last few years haven't happened in your mind
  12. We've played this game before. It only leads to more questions, and then it devolves from there. Find someone else to take your bait
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