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  1. I think we’ll see a Newsom or Hickenlooper emerge as a front runner on the Democrat side. Hickenlooper probably missed his moment as he’s 70 now.
  2. She was there. Really. Here-say is allowed in a congressional committee hearing.
  3. ???? In an overly subsidized economy, government nudging is course correction. The interstate highway system, TVA, are all good examples of the govt nudging the system to spur the private sector into action
  4. And he got so much help from congress too. I remember Mitch saying he would do everything in his power to make him a 1 Term president. Classic Republicans - The party of No and not willing to put forth any solutions.
  5. Nowhere did I say anything about EV or nothing at all. I just mentioned that my next car will be a plug-in hybrid. There are times that govt needs to nudge the market in a certain direction, whether it’s cafe standards or towards EV/Hybrid. The market will take care of the rest and we’re already seeing this take place as the avg cost keeps coming down and the offer keeps getting more diverse starting to include pickups, SUV’s, AWD vehicles, etc. Until now (need an AWD/SUV type w 300 mile range ) didn’t really exist and now there are a bunch including cars like the Kia Sorento PI/HYBRID This is a global shift and as a country we can either be an outlier or participate. I’m sure GM/Ford, et al are happily going forward as they want as big a share of the global market as possible and that’s not attainable without having a large offering of EV cars and trucks
  6. And the crazy thing is the people testifying are for the most part Trump administration officials or Republicans. If this is all fabricated, then it's really commendable that they were able to get so many from "the other side" to cooperate. Meanwhile, those that are "pushing back" aren't interested in saying what they're saying under oath....
  7. If I lived in an urban environment I’d definitely drive an EV. That said my next vehicle will most likely be a plug-in Hybrid, giving me the best of both worlds.
  8. The classic “ I’ve never met this person “ from Trump
  9. The smart play on Martha's Vineyard is to buy the home 1 house back from the beach and eventually the beach will get to you.
  10. It's already been reported that he was not in the "Beast" (Limo) and was actually in the suburban for the ride back.
  11. Her testimony didn't change. If you watched the hearings, most of her testimony was from taped portions when she had her old lawyer.
  12. What have you personally seen from the Trump family and administration officials testimony that you don’t believe. Have you watched the hearings yourself? The witnesses are predominately Republican, family or have a Trump administration connection.
  13. They need to put James Carville in charge of the party for the next 4 months
  14. Maybe it’s time we pay our military members better with more benefits for their families?
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