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  1. I agree that it is possible Moss could transform during the off-season however it begs the question why that did not happen after his rookie year LAST off-season. I just don't think he is properly internally motivated.
  2. I am a member there as well. Welcome to The Range!!!
  3. I agree Amigo. The moves Beane has made in the off-season and how little Moss played in the 2nd half of last season are clearly signs the Bills are going to cut him before Opening Day.
  4. Now over 7 hours since I posed this question to VERY WIDE ASS and yet no response. Has he had a medical episode? Does not seem like him to NOT immediately react.
  5. How is that video even remotely relevant to the context of our discussion here?
  6. ICR messages me in Facebook from time to time. I have asked repeatedly to return to The Range especially now that we are a fully MODERATED message board and he says he will lurk from time to time however he does not wish to return. He points the finger specially at HipKat for his poor treatment here.
  7. While you are at your parades, cook outs, etc. you should reflect on whether American is truly independent these days.
  8. Is this type of language towards a Black person what we want as a community?
  9. Now that this message is once again a MODERATED one with warnings, bannings, etc. Lit needs to supervise and select Moderators more carefully.
  10. HipKat Moderators 25.3k Posted June 14 I’m not the one that married a monkey! kidding!!
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