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  1. Thank you very much Shiva!!! I assume you speak for yourself and your legion army of Putin Lovers here. ------------------------------------------------------ So NOT only is it illegal to wear a t-shirt or image of Fidel Castro in Cuba....it is also illegal to wear a t-shirt of a Cuban flag in Cuba. Plenty of Che as you would have expected. ------------------------------------------------------ I brought you home some Domestic Help (I gave her my controversial Cuban shirt that I was advised NOT to wear in Cuba however the shirt is too big for her shoulders although tight on her breasts so the shirt unfortunately falls off very frequently while she is doing chores) to help you around your HUGE circular condo living room, comfortable for two corner tub bathroom, sizeable dining room, kitchen, LARGE outdoor scenic high floor balcony patio and in the numerous bedrooms. Here, Chiquitita (of Abba and not banana commercial fame) is in a very short one click only video where she has an extraordinary unique way to flatten down a freshly made hotel bed at her old job before you hired her...
  2. I had the whole sports bar rooting for Iran and wearing Iran hats. Photos to follow. FUCK THE U-S-A!!!
  3. The Trump cock sucking faggots who posted on this thread should simply shoot each other and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
  4. Very Wide Ass (VWR) is a miserable asshole with NO real life so he lies about it here. So he attacks your life when you share photos. That absolute piece of shit has NEVER posted a photo of his life. Do you ever wonder why?
  5. I am in Havana during that game. Just packed 20 Iran baseball caps into the big suitcase for exchange in return for a fresh mojito at the sports bar during the game.
  6. Squonk Members FanBack Members TheMachinist Members Comssvet11 Members Vegasjackson Members Tyreese Members SackMan518 Members Thespikedlemonade Members Brown_bagging_it Members JT Members RichJ Members RJ Loserman Members the climber Members Sucked In Again Members Down and Out Members Thebowflexbody Members Philly'sFinest Members jamsim67 Members BertSquirtgum Members Toofast80 Members LIBills Members thinwhiteduke Members rcas0308 Members Very Wide Right Members
  7. I can’t read his posts because he is on permanent IGNORE however does the Range’s Village Retard still miss Daboll?
  8. I think all this verbal wrestling with ICR has gotten KuntLip horny.
  9. Oh she is definitely Aboriginal. The Black Kunt Tribe?
  10. 2018 iPad however we are going to rename this “fucking flip phone” the KUNTLIP phone in your honour. Hey, is Dairy Queen doing anything for Black Friday?
  11. Try Denture Cream. In fairness, there was NO visible evidence he shat himself during today's Bills game. That was a refreshing change.
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