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  1. https://heavy.com/sports/buffalo-bills/james-cook-photos-reaction-twitter/amp/
  2. Is this what you said to your ex’s when they wanted to borrow your car? Only 3 times divorced? I appreciate your willingness to triple down on that statement nonetheless.
  3. It cannot be that broad a judicial declaration. I'm a former lawyer -- if you cite the US case I will look at it.
  4. What the fuck does this have to do with the transmission in your car?
  5. Not sure about the Uke part but it does appear the cops reaction here was pathetic and some should be fired if not prosecuted. Cops are paid to do their jobs and it appears they did not rush in which is protocol.
  6. Will the Far Right now that they have control over a woman's womb for reproductive purposes allow women to have periods when they want? What if a man just happens to want to fuck that woman during the time that woman is having a period? Seems awfully unfair and inconvenient to the man.
  7. Great actor. GoodFellas was his best work.
  8. I don't like fat girls. To the contrary. However, I don't like women who look like they had their first period a week ago. A little curves is all I ask for.
  9. I understand this post. I don't understand that post.
  10. This what I feel would happen if I were to have sex with these skinny White Chicks you insist on posting....
  11. Every year we need Offensive Linemen (there are 5 positions after all) and every year Bean ignores our OL. FUCK BEANE!!!
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