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  1. She has a great body butt that face requires a rear entrance only policy.
  2. B-I-N-G-O!!! Beane nailed the Franchise QB position by drafting Allen and made a good trade for the Vikings for Diggs. Other than that, we give him a pass on some very poor drafting (especially in the 2nd round) and trading away a good OL that is an above average starter elsewhere.
  3. WTF do you even know about Canada other than the false talking points you hear on right wing American "media" and parrot here? I provided the Wagner solution. I suggested we draft a MLB in last year's draft in the first 3 rounds when we did NOT extend Edmunds. Now our hand is forced to do that this year when we are in desperate need of so many starting NFL OLs.
  4. You can tell the difference between the Canadian and American education system very easily -- in Canada the schools are not being shot up every month. Edmunds is/was shit. Beane did not properly prepare for the hole at MLB last off-season -- drafting Bernard was NOT enough -- and in Free Agency this year --Bobby Wagner signed a one year $7M contract whereas Beane paid more than that for a Back Up Offensive Guard. So now you don't want to discuss that Edmunds is shit as I have been saying for years but rather about the hole we have at MLB. A hole that would never have existed if Beane had fixed it as I suggested in the last draft or during the 2022 and 2023 Free Agency period. Yes, there is a hole at MLB. Thank you for identifying the issue for 10% of the answer. Care to provide a solution for the remaining 90% of the answer?
  5. Maybe "sad" is the wrong word. "Severely depressed" may be the better term.
  6. You won't accept my argument that I made for the past 15+ months -- EDMUNDS IS SHIT AND ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY WATCHES THE BILLS GAMES THINKS JUST THAT.
  7. Edmunds has been awful to anyone with eyesight. Where is that blind bastard who loves Edmunds so much?
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