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  1. I wonder why Hodgins wasn't fast-tracked to the roster. He was bigger than Davis, supposedly better when drafted, but kept getting injured. Was Beane cocky using the Practice Squad one too many times? He caught everything in preseason when only evaluations counted, not results.
  2. I just realized that I Just Realized(WR Depth) is an old thread. PLUS I Just Realized John Brown can fill the gap. We just need Dawson Knox to teach Gabe Davis how to catch balls.
  3. 2 or 3 Lortab 10's fix most pain problems, at least temporarily.
  4. Didn't someone say the Bills should sign him?
  5. I'd be completely content with the paring of Hyde & Poyer for at least a couple more years. Poyer finds a way to make plays regardless of his age.
  6. BeCaUse We SaVe It 4 ThE gO0D TeAmS fRoM LaSt yEaR, liKe ThE RaMs aNd TiTsnS!
  7. We aren't going to the playoffs, what gave you that idea? I gave up praying for help, did you see many of today's games that would have helped us, go our way today?
  8. Bean says Bills taking same locker they'll be in Thursday, same hotel, etc. Is he superstitious?
  9. The locker, and its success, relies/centers on God. We don't hear much about it, but it's much more than just the players pointing to the sky saying thanks for a TD they scored. These are all players who believe in Him, or are God-fearing. I think that may be why many players that may be better athletes or better performers are on other teams and not on the Bills--they must not fit what McDermott expects of his player type/character.
  10. In 5 days Orchard Park might not be shoveled out...
  11. I see what you did there! But McD will insist they need to return to Buffalo between games. I can see they will want to view film on the Lions, get any medical attention, get in some practice, etc, but how do they know they can land? And after they land, how do they know they'll get back to OP/Hamburg, etc. OP had 77 inches as of FRIDAY night, and the LES band that hit us and moved north thru Niagara Falls is heading south, it went thru Buffalo again from about 9pm thru 11pm, and is already in Colden now. South Buffalo has been in a Travel Ban almost all day. The snow is so heavy, weight-wise, that plows aren't doing shit and they need to use loaders and dump trucks... Can someone or something convince them to stay in DET?
  12. ...and there's 2+inches of wet heavy snow in the driveway already--none an hour ago... I'm near Sloan/Buffalo.
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