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  1. I think McBeane thinks we will have a better O-line starting this year. They brought in OLmen in both FA and the draft. It may come down to the OC now.
  2. I thought I heard something about Kim yesterday or today. I thought I heard she can communicate by writing things but not speaking yet. I do not remember her status on remembering things or understanding things. That's all I remember, sorry.
  3. Somebody posted the exact same message wording but for the WR from Minny I think... it was as if it's a form letter, with just the name/pic/links changed...
  4. I just saw a post on Twitter that he signed with the Bills, 3yrs, $28.3M
  5. He's a TEino--a TE in Name Only, like some Republicans are Rinos--Republicans in name only. I think, until he learns to block like a TE, he's a huge WR in a TE's body.
  6. lol. They were childhood friends I believe... probably his first hand-holding, first kiss, first pussy... this started WAAAAAYYYYY before college.
  7. He basically said his life got ruined and he can't even get a job. He said he'd agree not to sue the girl if she agreed/didn't sue him but he will NOT agree to not sue her attorney, matter of fact he has hired an attorney to do just that--SUE HER ATTORNEY. He also said there's been some interest from a couple teams but still standing by waiting for a tryout. News Nation is a newer nationwide news channel, not local channel. I'm not sure which direction it leans--maybe left, because I think Chris Cuomo and Dan Abrams are on it. I was just going thru the channels and found it, never watched it before. Bill O' Reilly will be on Cuomo tonight at 8pm EDT.
  8. Don't know if same story as everybody had or not... Inside Buffalo, it's Ch. 76.
  9. Somebody better tell him he needs to MAKE THE TEAM first! He sounds like he made the final 53 already...
  10. It's irrelevant. His age is also, if anything, he's wiser. The key is his ability to catch Josh's "fastballs" and just FOUR drops over FIVE YEARS . Heck, we have receivers dropping 4 balls in ONE GAME!
  11. Dude, I think they posted your social security # and your mom's maiden name on the Dark Web...
  12. Loved this part: Dane Brugler has Kincaid charted with only four drops over five years of college — and that’s while making 175 career receptions. Kincaid looks exceptionally equipped to deal with a Josh Allen fastball and then some.
  13. I see he even has a lift in his garage... but that article's swooning over a 2-car garage!
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