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  1. You can understand the confusion when your own avatar there had the same persons face, wearing the same clothes, on the same day.
  2. Same guy he wants safe spots and clean needles in shoot up drugs because you aren’t stopping addiction But ban the AR-15 that will stop the gun violence.
  3. Don’t make stupid statements and you won’t look stupid Brian.
  4. The cops were afraid of a guy with an AR-15 even when they are armed. So with that knowledge let’s disarm the population and just let cops have the guns Does anybody else see the irony here?
  5. Am I someone you would feel comfortable trying to rob or fight?
  6. Knowing what you know about me you going to fuck around and pick a fight? Try and rob me?
  7. How is banning guns going to stop the gun violence?
  8. I assumed nothing I just proved it the framers accounted for advancing technology through the carefully selected language particularly the word “Arms”. You just don’t like the idea of an armed populace.
  9. If you don’t want someone who commits the crime of murder to commit murder you need to make a law that makes a murder weapon illegal to own. Brilliant.
  10. On behalf of my Government, perhaps when there is a squad that fires in direction no one really knows whom bullet is whom I make no apologies but Brian, tell me what have you done for belief system? Sit on a message board posting for the same small group of posters ?
  11. Because it was written very carefully, particularly the word “arms” not the more specific muskets, not flintlock pistols and so forth because the framers were smart enough to account for changing technology, it is there to fight off a government even it’s own. And to answer your question, yes I served in Iraq so yes I have discharged a weapon in defense in my day. You know what made that war difficult? Armed civilians, no clear enemy wearing uniforms, when you can’t tell a civilian from a combatant it’s a very effective strategy. The second amendment is also there to protect us from people like you, you won’t disarm us personally but you will vote disarm us from an authority.
  12. Why does it matter the technology when the principle is constant?
  13. Well if you base productivity off of happiness we all know you’re worthless. We all know you hate yourself and it’s just a matter of time and nobody will care
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