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  1. Why don’t we sign Bruce Smith while we’re at it? Pass on this dude.
  2. You didn’t read my post. Re-read it again…slowly. I clearly stated that Beane signed all of these guys. And I clearly stated that he’s good getting free agents and making trades. I actually like Beane as a GM. But the simple fact is that he has sucked in the draft. So what does he need to do? Do what he’s good at. Trade the picks away for proven talent. Some of your posts are great, and then others sound like you post when you are drunk. You are arguing with me when we are in agreement here. I don’t get it. Read SLOWLY.
  3. You finally said something I agree with. It’s true, you just can’t keep missing on all of these picks. If he hit on some of them, we’d probably have a ring already. His claim to fame is Josh. And thank God for Josh or we’d still suck. He’s good at making trades, and at getting free agents. But if we want to win the whole thing, some of his draft picks have to start contributing on cheap contracts. Diggs, Morse, Von Miller, Hyde, Poyer, Hines, Harris, were all great free agent pick ups. But they weren’t draft picks. And Tre White and Milano were actually drafted by McD!!!! If you guys recall, we still didn’t have a GM yet at that point. McD was still running the show by himself. Beane was then hired after that draft.
  4. None because Beane sucks at drafting. Look at his past drafts, they’re awful. So many wasted picks. He should honestly trade every fucking pick away for established players on other teams. He’s good at that. And of course he drafted Josh, so he got lucky there. But in general, I don’t have a lot of confidence that any of these guys he drafts this year will start.
  5. He’ll be injured by week 6. And I might be being generous.
  6. Guy is done. Can’t stay healthy.
  7. Exactly. Beane is great at getting these under the radar guys. And don’t worry Sean, he’s still working on the offense..
  8. Thanks for coming, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
  9. Yeah it looks that way unfortunately.
  10. Do you know if Beasley is coming back? I haven’t seen anything on this.
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