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  1. Another one in the books. Running over all the trolls along the way..
  2. Sean, Basham and Epenesa didn’t see the field their rookie year. They are both coming on nicely now. RELAX..
  3. Very accurate overall in my opinion. I normally don’t do any props, etc. I’m old school like that. I will be betting LARGE on the Bills tonight. Public is hammering the Pats. The Bills haven’t covered in 5 straight games! I could be wrong here, but I just think this is one of those games where you are getting the Bills on “sale.” This line to me should be more like 7. I’d like it to go to 3, 3.5 works too, but I’ll wait as I’m hoping to get 3. Either way I’ll probably hammer the Bills on the money line. I’ll pay a little extra juice to not worry about that 3 if it comes into play.
  4. Make it 34-17 Bills tomorrow. All this talk about how bad we’re playing lately is making my mouth water. We come out on fire. We’re gonna stick it to old Billy boy.
  5. We’re getting healthy. I feel really good about this game. 27-17 Bills. Let’s keep it rolling..
  6. I thought the season was “toast” after week 3? Why are you still here?
  7. Glad someone in here has some sense. To everyone else who thinks we suck, how can we be the Vegas favorite to win the Super Bowl but still not be that good? Oh that’s right, you guys are all smarter than the guys who set the odds. Come on, get real. We need to get healthy and Vegas knows it. We’ve been decimated with injuries. If we are healthy in the playoffs we will beat everyone. Book it.
  8. Well yeah this is part of the problem too. Andy Reid wipes his ass with McD’s face. So Josh has to overcome that as well. Won’t be easy.
  9. 100% correct. Josh is not asking for it. Just doing his thing as he should be. What I meant was if we as fans (Sean and whoever else) want to overcome this Mahomes vs. Josh debate, then Josh has to beat him. No other way around it. Josh is great, no doubt. But he’s got to beat Mahomes. He can’t continue to lose to him year after year in the playoffs.
  10. It’s close right now, but if Josh wants the recognition he’s got to beat Mahomes in the playoffs. Period.
  11. Two things.. First, they are right! What has Josh done? To BE Mahomes, you have to BEAT Mahomes. Second, I think Josh can do it. If it wasn’t for McD and his 13 seconds, Josh would have won us a ring last year. But yes, as of right now Mahomes is number one. Not going to dispute that.
  12. Miami could lose their next three games in a row.
  13. That’s it, we sweep. We didn’t have Von last year and we should have won the Super Bowl. We’ll win these.
  14. Ok it wasn’t pretty but it’s still a win. Josh and Diggs came through when it mattered most. These injuries are piling up. Hopefully we can survive this. Von is a HUGE loss. But then again we should have won the Super Bowl last year without Von, but of course McD fucked that up. Train keeps rolling..
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