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  1. Guess the season is already over. We shouldn't even watch the games. Just give the ring to Tua now. Right Sean?
  2. These predictions are too generic. Will never happen like this. We will win one or two that we shouldn’t and we will lose one or two that we shouldn’t.
  3. Well thank God then! Because Wallace sucked balls! I remember multiple games that he cost us.
  4. Gilmore sucked when he was in Buffalo and he sucked in New England and he still sucks. Overrated from day 1. Thank God for Gilmore’s wife!
  5. This is what I am betting Beane wants to do. This is what his MO is. We know Beane by now. He targets guys he wants and does whatever it takes to get them. I’d be willing to bet he trades up for a lockdown Corner.
  6. Exactly. We need a Corner. I could definitely see Beane trading up if there is a Corner he is in love with. I also think he signs a Vet Corner as well. Second round and beyond can be used for other stuff like WR and RB.
  7. How the fuck is this not a dome?!?!? We are a cold weather team that is not built to play in cold weather! And every time we have some snow and wind the game is ruined and we suck. Yeah really smart..
  8. Two pussies who have never been in a fight before. Who cares?
  9. Hill won’t be anything close to what he was in KC. He’s an idiot for leaving Mahomes. We will sweep Miami. Case closed.
  10. Gilmore blows. Don’t want him. Maybe Nelson or Hayden for a year would be ok.
  11. I could see Beane trading UP for a Corner. Only if he really likes one. It’s definitely not out of the question. We are in SERIOUS need of a Corner or two. Let’s see what veteran Corner Beane signs first. Then we will have a clearer picture when the draft gets here.
  12. He needs to stay healthy. That’s why Beane only gave him a year. If he can, he’s very good.
  13. I think you guys are wrong. Duke has been solid on very team he’s been on. He’s not a camp body. If you noticed, Beane has had his eye on pass catching backs. Tried for CMC. Didn’t work. Tried for McKissick. Didn’t work. Got Duke for cheap. He’s a good pass catcher. I think they want to have a back they can count on to catch balls. They’re gonna use him.
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