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  1. We will make it. Those teams suck. They will find ways to lose.
  2. I’ve been telling you guys this all along. No chance in hell that Pegula has even considered it. He’s the ultimate pussy. And as long as he’s making money, which he is, nothing will change. That being said, as you guys can see in my other thread, I don’t think we are done yet. Too much talent on this team. I still believe we are going to make the playoffs despite McD doing his best to fuck it up.
  3. Well I did say in my original post that we would split the Eagles and Chiefs. I didn’t say we would win BOTH of those. So we’re going to beat the Chiefs. And besides, let’s say we lose to the Chiefs and win the rest. You don’t think 10 wins gets us in? I say it would. Look at those teams left. They’re not getting 10 wins. They all suck. I don’t go by ESPN’s BS percentages. I go by what I see.
  4. We should have won. We outplayed them. But McD strikes again. Refs didn’t help either. No matter what happens the rest of the way, I promise you McD is here to stay. Pegula won’t do shit. Get that through your heads. So there’s only one thing left to do now.. Win out. Yup, we’re going on a run right now. It starts in KC.. Get ready trolls, here we come! Buckle up motherfuckers! It’s not over yet! If we win out, or even with 10 wins, I think we get in. Look at the other teams fighting for the 6 and 7 seed. They all suck balls, and they will find ways to lose. We are WAY more talented than any of these other teams. Let’s fucking go!!!
  5. They won’t because they like the Country Club. If a guy like Belichick came in then no more Country Club. Guys would actually be held accountable. This move has to come from above, and sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.
  6. Exactly. The very last game we were an underdog we won. Sean, negative threads are fine, and deserved at times. But have your facts straight first. This was a bad one. Do better.
  7. Miami will lose to the Redskins next week. We gotta take care of business Sunday.
  8. We’re gonna bitch slap ‘em! 31-20 Bills!
  9. It’s not a dream. It’s happening. McD sucks. We get it. But we have the talent to do this. Our problem is in our heads. It’s self inflicted wounds. We beat the Eagles this week and we turn the corner mentally. NFL gets put on notice this Sunday. I fully expect for us to win this game. This is the BEST time to play the Eagles. They just beat the Chiefs, have a short week, and are hosting the Bills who have all sorts of issues. They will overlook us, and we come out swinging. Buy low, sell high. Buckle up..
  10. That’s right. Fuck all this bullshit. Listen up trolls.. As much as I hate McD, the players like him. And they’re going to play their asses off down the stretch here for him. It starts this week. We WILL beat the Eagles. The Chiefs will probably beat us. Then we beat the Cowboys, Chargers, Pats. It all comes down to Miami, where we will win too, in what essentially will be a playoff game. For some reason this team only responds when their backs are against the wall and the whole world has counted them out. As much as I have even counted them out over the past few weeks, I really feel like this can happen. So there you have it. One more loss the rest of the way. We go into the playoffs as the hottest team and nobody will want to play us. This Board needs at least ONE optimistic thread down the stretch. Let’s get it done!
  11. Yeah you fucking troll, I’m going on record… We’re making it. We will only lose 2 more games. So stick that in your ass. And if I’m wrong, so be it. You’re still a troll either way.
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