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  2. Thread was started by an idiot which has zero meaning to anyone else here....Fucking fish really....Who cares WTF is this crap...SO fucking GAY!!! Durp...lets name fellow rangers after fish......
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  4. A pure backup RT is fine with me. I think we have enough diverse OLinemen. Plus, having someone that could prove to be better than Quessenbury would be great. We didn't sign 4 ProBowl offensive linemen in the off season, but IMO we have improved our OLine talent, especially with our backups.
  5. The Bills are close to halfway through their offseason workouts, conducting the second of four weeks of practices. On Tuesday, they continued with another week of voluntary organized team activities, which featured the players beginning to settle in a bit more than the previous week. The team maintained excellent attendance, as it did last week, but there were absences from the on-field practice. Those not spotted Tuesday were wide receivers Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis, defensive ends Von Miller, A.J. Epenesa and Shaq Lawson, and defensive tackles Ed Oliver and Tim Settle. What stood out from their second open practice of the summer? Here are seven observations from the Bills’ session Tuesday. 1. Dalton Kincaid getting his feet wet with Josh Allen When it comes to the Bills offense and who gets playing time within it, one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is which players build good chemistry with franchise quarterback Josh Allen. He has an influential voice in those decisions, and while it’s ultimately the coaches’ choice, how comfortable Allen feels with his pass catchers is a big consideration. So, as the Bills operated without starting receivers Diggs and Davis during OTAs on Tuesday, it gave ample opportunity to several players. And interestingly enough, one of those was rookie first-round pick Dalton Kincaid. During team drills, Allen made it a point to get Kincaid involved, and the two linked up repeatedly throughout the early afternoon. Kincaid wound up catching four passes, varying between passes toward the sideline and over the middle. Kincaid’s excellent movement skills for his 6-foot-3, 246-pound frame are part of the reason he found himself open, and he finished the plays off with strong hands to complete the catches in clean situations and contested opportunities. Allen targeted Kincaid six times throughout the session in team drills. The two plays that didn’t result in a catch had Kincaid working to get open in a potential scoring situation. Near the end of practice, Allen got out of the pocket and wanted to find Kincaid in the end zone, though Kincaid’s wires might have gotten crossed, and he didn’t work back toward Allen as the quarterback threw it away. On the second chance, Allen and Kincaid were on the same page and the quarterback delivered a fastball to Kincaid, only for it to be just a bit too far in front of the tight end with linebacker Terrel Bernard in close coverage. Regardless, it’s an encouraging sign for Kincaid that Allen worked to get the rookie involved. Kincaid’s role for the 2023 season still has not been determined by the Bills, but Tuesday’s practice showed he was settling in well, and that’s all you can ask for at this point. 2. James Cook with impressive pass catching When the Bills selected James Cook in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft, they hoped he could provide them something they didn’t have from their running back group — excellent route running and pass-catching skills. Cook wasn’t an overwhelming target as a rookie, but he certainly showed flashes of big-play ability throughout the year. With a full year in the system, Cook showed more of that ability Tuesday. His fluid movement put him in good situations on quicker passes where he could make defenders miss in the open field. But on a longer developing play, Cook showed well on a pass-catching opportunity in team drills. It was even more impressive considering which player he matched up with. Cook was working against star linebacker Matt Milano, and Cook’s quick feet and smooth route-running skills helped Milano hesitate ever so slightly, which freed up Cook on a deeper pass. With enough of a cushion between him and the other defenders, Cook took the pass in stride and scampered into the end zone for an impact play. With a likely bigger opportunity in 2023, the second-year running back still needs to prove himself as a rusher between the tackles, but plays like this one will keep the Bills intrigued by what he could provide the team during the regular season. 3. Khalil Shakir shows the same pluses and minuses from his rookie year With Diggs and Davis away from the team Tuesday, another player who stepped into additional opportunities was second-year wide receiver Khalil Shakir. The Bills really like Shakir’s versatility to play either the slot receiver role or on the boundary, and that versatility opened up those reps to catch passes from Allen this week. Like Kincaid, Allen found Shakir on four occasions in team drills. Shakir worked well to get open regardless of the situation. And he nearly came down with a fifth catch, a highlight-reel play where he rose over cornerback Christian Benford’s head. But the ball was placed in a spot that allowed Benford to make a play, and the duo came down with simultaneous possession. It was a play that would have required instant replay and multiple angles to determine the outcome in an actual game, as both the offense and defense were convinced their side had made the play. Regardless, the timing and potential to make a big play was a good step for Shakir, who did the same in spots during games as a rookie. But Shakir also let another facet from his rookie season creep into his day. As he popped open for a solid intermediate gain, he let the Allen pass go right through his hands for a drop, and the ball was nearly picked off by a defender behind him. Shakir is usually sure-handed, but every once and again last year, he had a bad drop that either took yards away or gave the opposition a chance at an interception. It wasn’t new when he arrived in Buffalo, as he also had reps like that sprinkled into his college tape. So, although Shakir’s showing Tuesday was mostly good, he has to show he can also push that sporadic habit out of his game. 4. Kaiir Elam close on a pair of reps but comes up short Several second-year players have great opportunities to carve out big roles for the 2023 Bills, and 2022 first-round pick Kaiir Elam is among them. But it continues to seem like Elam is going to have to earn his way onto the field once again this season as a competition among him, Dane Jackson and potentially Benford seems like it could be a staple of training camp and the preseason. And although OTAs aren’t the end-all, be-all for how the competition will go, Elam had a pair of notable reps — but not in a good way. Elam looked to have solid coverage on both plays but allowed the quarterback to think there was a throwing window each time. The first was working against Kincaid, where the tight end got a step on the cornerback on a shorter target. Elam did well to make up ground as the throw was coming and tried to get his hand on the pass, but Kincaid worked through the contact to come down with an impressive contested catch. A couple of plays later, wide receiver Dezmon Patmon uncovered from Elam down the sideline, and Patmon did a great job of delaying his hands until the last second. It deterred Elam from trying to make a last-ditch play on the ball with his back turned to the pass, and Patmon brought in the pass for a touchdown. Perhaps Elam will benefit when things get more physical during training camp, but these reps were notable, with Jackson and Benford having a pair of good practices so far this summer. 5. Bernard takes advantage of a Matt Barkley gift The battle at middle linebacker among five players continued Tuesday, and second-year player Bernard had the biggest impact play of the bunch. Quarterback Matt Barkley completely stared down his target before beginning his throwing motion, and to Bernard’s credit, he used that signal to get himself moving toward the target before Barkley let the ball go. Bernard stepped in front of the pass and picked it off, showing some of the playmaking ability the team is looking for at the position. Bernard followed it up with a would-be sack of Kyle Allen, where he came free on a blitz. Bernard is competing with Tyrel Dodson, Dorian Williams, Baylon Spector and A.J. Klein for the starting middle linebacker role, and those types of plays will certainly help Bernard the deeper they get into the summer. 6. Kyle Allen shows zip and a live arm The Bills have a competition for the top backup quarterback job between Kyle Allen and Barkley, but Allen showed something Tuesday that Barkley doesn’t do much of anymore at this point of his career. Allen, on two straight plays, showed both arm strength and placement that resulted in touchdowns. The first was on the play to Patmon that beat Elam over the top, in which Allen dropped the pass in a bucket and allowed the receiver to get both feet inbounds. That’s one type of arm strength, and on the next play, Allen showed the other as he zipped in a pass to an open Isaiah Coulter for another scoring play. Allen fired the pass where only Coulter could catch it, and the receiver made a great play with outstretched arms to bring it down. Barkley is more of a timing and placement passer, not possessing nearly the same zip as either Josh or Kyle Allen. Kyle Allen’s throws, along with Barkley’s turnover, definitely gave him the edge Tuesday. 7. Patmon, Zach Davidson give noteworthy efforts When teams conduct OTAs, some unexpected players always stand out, and there was a pair from the offense Tuesday. The first was Patmon, who came down with that touchdown pass over Elam but also struck again with a touchdown to end practice along with a third catch earlier in the day. Patmon was a late-season add to the practice squad, and one they felt good enough about to bring back in 2023. Along with Patmon, tight end Zach Davidson put really good blocking reps together throughout the practice. Davidson is a humongous target at 6-foot-7 and routinely put together blocking techniques that drew praise from the coaches Tuesday. Like Patmon, Davidson spent time on the practice squad in 2022. It’s far too early to tell if either has a chance to make the team this year, but stacking good days in OTAs is an excellent way to earn more opportunities when the pads go on in training camp. And if they play well there, anything can happen. For now, it’s a good practice to build on for each player.
  6. It depends on the circumstances. I try to stick to never saying never. Live and learn.
  7. How many have died so far on both sides?? And for what???
  8. Most of us call them con-artists!
  9. I think they might want him to block a little bit.
  10. He's a TEino--a TE in Name Only, like some Republicans are Rinos--Republicans in name only. I think, until he learns to block like a TE, he's a huge WR in a TE's body.
  11. I'm not worried. He's too talented as a receiver to not be on the field.
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  13. I'm not "for" either side. Do I think the Russians have the better case? Without a doubt.
  14. lmao that entire video could be 3 seconds long if he just told the truth: "I don't know what comedy is"
  15. I will be dunking on you because the Bills did exactly what you wanted them to do and if it doesn't work... HERE COMES THE BOOM!! I have been saying the bills offense is fine as is and just needs to be maintained with maybe some tweaks. You have been bitching about the offense for years now yet they are one of the top offenses in NFL. And i do call out others that say the same thing like your lover Whor. Keep in mind very few people have as little knowledge of NFL football as you so you don't have many that think the same as you.
  16. Maybe…I hope that’s the case. But I honestly think Frazier was just a clipboard holder as was Bienemy was to Reid.
  17. Again…you say nothing to the other posters who also say the Bills are not perfect. Why is that? Dunking on me when the offense struggles? Huh? What the FUCK are you talking about? Are you drunk? I’ve been sitting here for years saying the Bills offense needs to be better…yet tell me that you will “dunk on me” when the offense struggles? Does dunking on me mean you agree with me? I honestly don’t know why I bother replying to your asinine posts. The Bills OC comes out and says the offense has no identity. Go bitch at him. He said it not me you assclown.
  18. Good signing. He's a quality reserve with tons of starting experience. He should be able to beat out Quessenbury as the back up right tackle. Unfortunately he doesn't have much versatility. I think beane is going to be able to pick up some late round draft picks when they cut the line down.
  19. I vote Sack for fish 5. Seems like someone that would wear purple. I vote @thinwhiteduke for fish 6 - AKA the dead fish.
  20. Based on most recent ruling by Supreme court your lawsuit threat is baseless. Btw everything you have put here including threats would be used as evidence in court. I do not condone violence by anyone. It is my opinion who ever makes a threat of harm should get one warning. If they do it again they need to be put in time out. Same with racist threats. https://www.npr.org/2023/05/18/1176935452/u-s-supreme-court-hands-social-media-companies-a-major-victory
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