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  2. I'm not angry. You could drop dead from COVID tomorrow & I wouldn't give a shit. Unfortunately, the anti vaxers are endangering themselves & anyone else who buys into their nonsense. If you and other anti vaxers would rather believe crackpots on the internet instead of health care professionals, as they say "It's your funeral"
  3. The Pentagon confirmed that 3 spy balloons traveled over the US during the Trump admin, you fucking idiot.
  4. Like I said before, letting Edmunds go will be a significant loss to the defense. The defense will have to change to compensate. Lavonte David is going to be 33. He's still good, bud not an ideal situation going from a 25 to 33 year old. Van Noy is more of a SAM LB in a hybrid scheme, he's 32 this year. Anzalone is a good player, but he has an injury history that I wouldn't want to count on, especially with Milano having the same issues being right next to him.
  5. That is some real NEVER WASs. Parris Campbell will get more than only a one year contract for $2.5M even with his injury history. If he checks out medically, offering him a 3 year deal for $4M per year with half guaranteed may be interesting to the Bills.
  6. Russia waited for Biden to be president to make the Ukraine and now the chiese do this since he's president. It won't be long even Haiti will be trying to bully the US while its under Beijing Joe.
  7. You claim not to be ignorant. If that's true, then you know the truth about Euromaidan and simply remain silent when people try to present it as a coup.
  8. Agreed Whor. A mob mentality has never seemed like a smart way to make decisions.
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  10. I like your idea of trading down and then back up. That’s actually my preferred strategy. However, if the bills can trade up to get a project corner in 1 last year, they could do the same with a receiver even if he’s the fifth one off the board.
  11. Could we get him for a 2nd round pick? You have given me a thought though. Denver's other WR, KJ Hamler might be available in trade. I wouldn't pay a lot, but you might get lucky with him.
  12. True. Which is where we were last year at this time. So Brandon rolled the dice on signing Jamison Crowder, and then drafted Khalil Shakir. (and did not offer Cole Beasley a deal) I think we are in the same spot again. And, 90% of the mock drafts have the top 4 WRs off the board before the Bills pick at 27. I don't want to use our one 1st round pick on the "5th best WR" in the draft. He might be one of those WRs that needs a year to develop. Much prefer to draft an immediate, ready to go starter. Solution for WR for the Bills in 2023? Not sure. Maybe trade back from pick 27, and take OL John Michael Schmitz, Jr, and then trade up from 59, using our newly acquired extra pick, and draft a WR mid 2nd round. That way you get a high quality player in JMS, and a good WR. OL, WR after 2 rounds.
  13. He has 1 year left plus his 5th year option. Let him walk after that or see how the cap space looks after the 2024 season.
  14. Good idea, except for the money. We can't figure out how to pay Jordan Poyer because of our Cap Situation. Rumor is Jeudy wants $20 million a year, for 4 years. We is on a budget, unfortunately. Now, if you want to roll the dice and trade for him knowing he is a year rental, that might work.
  15. Not a very inspiring list. Just scout the draft eligible receivers and draft one for Gods sake.
  16. enjoy being in the minority. You know more than people that get paid to cover football. Got it.
  17. if it is a favor to him to get him exposure for other teams or as insurance in case there were injuries to our wr’s I’d be ok with it but I don’t see him being happy sitting on the practice squad like he did last year.
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