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  2. The team should take turns throwing tablets at the ground. Therapeutic.
  3. Incorrect. We were not the favorites last year. This year we are.
  4. I loved it - he actually has a fucking pulse. McD is a problem in close games. He could use a little emotion too.
  5. Lol. "OmG , we lost our first game with back ups. seaso over " Are you french?
  6. ...that you actually like about America (And you have to actually WATCH it)
  7. It worked it injured our men in a bloody battle. Left us in disarray unable to perform simple tasks. That blitzer was right on that missed field goal.
  8. I would hate to see what a faggy moron douche bag looks like.
  9. HipKat


    MaGa Am Is SmArT... .derr
  10. FUUUUUUUCCKKKKKKK I don't like sloppy seconds.
  11. Bob Hayes - Dallas Cowboys... Robert Lee Hayes, nicknamed "Bullet Bob", was an Olympic gold medalist sprinter who then became an American football wide receiver in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys. Bob Hayes is the only athlete to win both an Olympic gold medal and a Super Bowl ring.
  12. Hell, I banged her twice before I posted the pic! Shame she'll never know it
  13. Today
  14. I swear, the right wingers on this board are getting bitchier and bitchier every day. Why don't you guys get together to suck each other's dicks? You know you want to.
  15. Just look at that fat fuck terrorist. Disgusting…
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