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MEILER: Bills' interest in top pick makes no sense

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Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report wrote Thursday that sources indicated the Bills may be interested in moving up to the top of this year's draft, a surprising revelation of a potential move that would be nothing more than a blindfolded swing for the fences.


This year's draft could go down as one of the deepest in recent history. Analysts have raved about the potential of the top 10-15 available players, meaning the Bills should have a few options when they pick at No. 9. Texas A&M tackle Jake Matthews and wide receiver Mike Evans have been popular projections in recent mock drafts, as has Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.


So why would the Bills trade up?


General manager Doug Whaley and head coach Doug Marrone would have to fall in love with a prospect, and even then they'd have to weigh the potential reward to the inherent risk.


Setting the bar low, it would likely cost Buffalo the No. 9 pick, its second-round pick (No. 41) and a first next season to move to the top of the draft. That's three potential starting-caliber players for one, a cost Whaley and Marrone would have to be sure was worth it before moving up.


Which brings up the next question: Which top prospect would be worth it?


The top players not expected to be around at No. 9 are quarterbacks Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and (possibly) Blake Bortles, wide receiver Sammy Watkins, offensive tackle Greg Robinson, defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and linebacker (and University at Buffalo product) Khalil Mack.


Watkins, Robinson and Mack should be ruled out based on the availability of similar players at No. 9. Evans, Matthews and UCLA's Anthony Barr should all be available to when Buffalo picks, and the gap between them and the members of the top trio probably isn't worth trading up.


Clowney is interesting given he oozes potential and was the consensus top pick before the 2013 college football season. His talent is undeniable, but an underwhelming junior season at South Carolina has killed some of his buzz.


Buffalo already has a freakishly-athletic defensive end with a questionable motor in Mario Williams, and adding Clowney to the trio of Mario Williams, Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus, while tempting, is probably overkill.


Clowney doesn't fill a glaring need, so why would Whaley give up so much to get him?


Quarterback is the only position where trading up makes sense.


Former GM Buddy Nix left Whaley with a talented roster. For the first time in years, the Bills have more positions locked up with quality NFL starters than they do positions of need. The foundation has been laid, and all Buffalo needs is the all-important coach-QB combination to push it over the hump.


Year One of Marrone and EJ Manuel left as many questions as it did answers, particularly in the case of the quarterback. If Whaley and Marrone feel Manziel, Bridgewater or Bortles is the franchise QB they claim to believe Manuel is, trading up to select one of them is the only scenario that makes sense.


Even then it's a risk most NFL executives wouldn't take. None of this year's QBs are the lock that Andrew Luck was two years ago. Each has question marks, be it Manziel's and Bridgewater's size or Bortles' experience.


That's why Pompei's report makes no sense.


The Bills are more than one piece away form building a contender, unless that piece is a franchise quarterback.


So far, none of the "experts" — the guys who get paid big bucks to analyze prospects for a career — seem to agree that any of this year's QBs are that.



Link: http://www.niagara-gazette.com/sports/x1387893329/MEILER-Bills-interest-in-top-pick-makes-no-sense

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I don't buy it anyway. Bleacher report writers are literally the dumpster divers or the sports journalism world.



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