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My Mock draft. You will love it or else.

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We drop everything for the number one pick and pick up this guy (Defensive problems solved with one player.):



Boucher, MLB/OLB


School: SCLSU


Hometown: Jackson’s Bayou, LA


Height: 5’10


Weight: 185


** scoring an NCAA record of 16 sacks in one game. **






All you have to do is look at the tape to realize Boucher possesses an unrivaled ability to make plays on the defensive side of the ball-let’s face it, dude’s a playmaker. Boucher also performed at a high level against top competition. Boucher led the Dogs to an upset victory over Clemson, blocked and returned a FG attempt for the win against Iowa, threw a player in the stands against Louisville, and threw the game winning touchdown against Louisiana in one of the biggest upsets in modern college football history. Boucher also set NCAA records for sacks in a single game and season.




Several scouts have expressed major concern regarding Boucher’s size. At 5’10, 185 lbs, Boucher is vastly undersized for an NFL linebacker prompting some to even suggest a move to safety. Others feel that Boucher’s size will not be an issue, as evidenced in the Bowl Game, where Boucher Dropped All American Louisiana DE Greg Means, a potential first round pick.


In addition, some have questioned Boucher’s ability to adjust to the new player safety rules. Boucher’s violent style of play that has been self described as fuel relies heavily on launching, targeting, and helmet-to-helmet collisions. If Boucher struggles to adjust to the new rules, he may struggle to stay on the field, as flags, fines, and suspensions will surely be headed his way.




Boucher’s instincts and playmaking ability will make him an impact player at the next level. The only real question is in what capacity, as Boucher’s size may limit snaps and his ability to be an every down player. Make no mistake though, Boucher could very easily contend for sack titles and defensive MVP awards sooner than later.

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Brother, you've got way too much time on your hands, though I Love the Movie Water Boy and I watch it every time its on.

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