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the bills biggest offeseaon needs?????

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OT in draft and LB and WR in Free agency. Then we draft for depth. This year was a very good year in both of these categories but we can not expect two years in a row of trying to find 4 or 5 starters. If we can get a solid OT to protect EJ then the rest of the offense falls into place. On the Defensive side its obvious that our run defense was horrible but the one positive about this is teams were afraid to pass on us because the secondary really stepped up this year. So for teams why chance throwing when you can just run the ball all over us. Upgrade to a established LB through free agency and draft for depth to all other positions on defense. This will be a interesting year but they have already made some good decisions in releasing WR coach and LB coach. Even though the LB's were OK besides Kiko it shows that OK is not good enough and thats a change over the last 15 years in the good direction.


This is a good post. Not sure how anyone would be upset if we resign Byrd, add a starting quality WR and LB via free agency and then target a OT in the first round where there appears to be multiple plug and play options. That way even if Pears plays better or Hairston comes back healthy and good the guy you draft can kick inside.


To be able to go into day 2 of the draft saying, "hey, we can really just take anything we want here" would be a great feeling and one that we haven't had here in a long time.

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I'd like to see UB's Mack in a Bills uniform. After watching him play against Ohio State I was extremely impressed.


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what would you say the biggest needs this offseason are for the Bills?






RT because Pears is not the answer maybe we draft Gregg Robinson to replace 1st round draft


LG Legursky is not the answer after Levitre leaving maybe we can draft Gabe Jackson 2nd round


TE need to have another TE besides Chandler to get ball moving or score in the redzone so maybe we draft Richard Rodgers 4th round


ILB Kikio Alonso needs help on the inside why not bring Perry Riley Free agent


WR the Bills need help with WR a bigger WR that can also help Chandler and be a miss match that why I say we draft Brandon Coleman WR 3rd round


if we don't sign Byrd we can either draft or go after one in the later rounds of the draft maybe even sign Leonard until next season when we can go after another one either in first or second round of the draft


Then we can get a couple of CB in the later part of draft for support to Gilmore or McKelvin


Resign J.Byrd and A.Carrington.


Then upgrade the RT, LG and SILB positions. followed by the TE and WR positions.

L*t is a loser


My adapt a Bill is Brandon Beane.



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