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D-lineman run stats vs the colts

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I know some of the defensive linemen are more pass rushers.  But here are the D-lineman stats doe the Colts game.

How the Bills’ run defense unraveled against the Colts: 7 observations from Sunday’s blowout loss

2. Which D-linemen were worst statistically against the run?

The Bills’ run defense was so poor that it’s worth a deeper look. After tracking the snaps on a play-by-play basis, we calculated the Colts’ rushing average by defensive end pairing and defensive tackle pairing. It includes every rushing attempt from Taylor and Nyheim Hines but excludes the Colts’ goal-line attempt, when the Bills went with a heavy front and six defensive linemen, and also when the Bills and Colts put their backups in the game. From a base defensive perspective, the data is both incredibly jarring and slightly illuminating as to who the weak links were and where to begin checking the film.
Bills DL pairings vs. Colts rushing attempts

Jerry Hughes Greg Rousseau DE 3 22 7.33
Jerry Hughes Mario Addison DE 6 66 11.00
Greg Rousseau Boogie Basham DE 17 60 3.53
Mario Addison A.J. Epenesa DE 3 26 8.67
A.J. Epenesa Boogie Basham DE 1 3 3.00
A.J. Epenesa Efe Obada DE 5 38 7.60
Ed Oliver Harrison Phillips DT 14 112 8.00
Ed Oliver Vernon Butler DT 3 18 6.00
Vernon Butler Harrison Phillips DT 17 83 4.88
Vernon Butler Efe Obada DT 1 2 2.00

Except for the Greg Rousseau and Boogie Basham defensive end pairing, which allowed only 3.53 yards per carry on 17 attempts, the rest of the averages were simply horrendous. From a defensive end perspective, despite being the two elder statesmen, Jerry Hughes and Mario Addison were liabilities as a pairing, helping to allow 11 yards per attempt. On the interior, the weak link was the starting duo of Oliver and Phillips, weirdly enough. It becomes clearer whom the Colts targeted if we isolate the data further to calculate the yards-per-carry averages on a per-defender basis.

Bills DL vs. Colts rushing attack

11132-80px.pngJerry Hughes DE 9 88 9.78
22698-80px.pngGreg Rousseau DE 21 83 3.95
13181-80px.pngMario Addison DE 10 93 9.30
21881-80px.pngA.J. Epenesa DE 9 67 7.44
22918-80px.pngBoogie Basham DE 18 63 3.50
17264-80px.pngEfe Obada DE 5 38 7.60
20898-80px.pngEd Oliver DT 18 131 7.28
19900-80px.pngHarrison Phillips DT 32 196 6.13
17944-80px.pngVernon Butler DT 22 104 4.73
17264-80px.pngEfe Obada DT 2 3 1.50

The Colts averaged their lowest yards per carry when Butler was on the field, despite his being the lowest-graded defensive tackle to this point in the season. The 4.73 yards per attempt is sterling compared with the rest but is still below average by normal standards. The Colts really targeted Oliver (7.28 yards per carry), baiting him into the backfield with a free release, only to trap-block him to allow the runner to find an easy lane to the second level. By the eye test, Rousseau and Basham were good run supporters, and their averages back that up. Both players do a nice job of containing their position and collapsing on the ball carrier attempting to get past the line of scrimmage. Hughes, Addison and Epenesa all struggled significantly.


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