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[OPINION] SE Cupp discusses how democrats are more like the cult than they would ever want to admit

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Disciplinary votes. Threats over one's political future. Questioning a member's loyalty for not voting in lock-step. Claiming they're really a member of the other party in disguise. Name calling.

Who does that sound like? Sounds like the cult under Trump, right? Moderate republicans who remained a tiny bit independent were routinely trashed. Called "cucks" and "RINO's" and democrats in disguise. Punished in states like AZ and Nebraska with censure because they did their job. Pushed out of office and out of the party.

Well here we have SE Cupp drawing an interesting parallel between the GOP under Trump and the democratic party right now. The rhetoric, the punishment, and the obvious disdain for moderates who dare to question what the majority of the party wants.

Democrats want to blame Sinema and Manchin but the blame really lies with democrats. They failed last November. They were supposed to have anywhere from 52-54 seats in the senate. Remember? Instead they are at 50-50 and have no room for any democratic who isn't 100% on board with their proposals.

Is it Sinema's fault that the guy leading in North Carolina got caught talking dirty to some woman and went on to lose a close race? Is it Manchin's fault that the party ignored the toxic nature of "Defund the police" and ran with that over reforming the police, costing God knows how many seats in the house and senate?

Democrats had a terrible night last November even though 81 million showed up to vote for Biden because the worst disaster any of us have ever seen was on the ballot. So it wasn't voter suppression. If 81 million people could vote for Biden then 81 million could have voted for down-ballot democrats.

I'd love to get rid of the filibuster, and it frustrates me that Sinema and Manchin won't get on board. But I also know that if democrats had their shit together, we wouldn't need them. And that's important to keep in mind, because non-stop failure should be condemned and not excused.



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