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South Korea vs Japan

Which country is better overall?  

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  1. 1. Which country is better overall?

    • South Korea
    • Japan

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30 minutes ago, John10 said:

Which country is better overall? 

1)  South Korea - Bibimbap  - comes with kimchi.  Like healthy nachos. 

2)  Japan - Amazing vending machines.   I once got whiskey and fried chicken out of a vending machine in the Hotel Sasebo.

3)  South Korea - Cass beer, surprisingly cheap but not bad. 

4)  Japan - Cool beer draft machines that tip the glass as it is being poured then spit the head into it.

5)  South Korea - Great tailors.  Got a plaid smoking jacket for New Years.   I liked it so much that I bought two more. 

6)  Japan - Japan Rail.  If you go there, shell out the $$$$$$$ and get the weekly or monthly pass.  Money well spent. 

7)  Both have pretty cool Baseball leagues.   Japan's is more talented.   Entertainment value is about equal.   The Korean league has a lot of side arm pitchers. 

It's a tie!!

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Thank you FanBack for that in-depth response. And thank you everyone that voted in this poll. 

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