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On 8/30/2021 at 6:05 PM, seandelevan said:

I said this back in March and I’ll say it again. Beefing up on the D line is all cute and fun when you are facing statues like Andy Dalton and Jared Goff. But guys like Mahomes will simply avoid it if it even gets to him. I think Rousseau will be a beast but think about it….how many times did you hear Aaron Donald’s name called when we played the Rams? Did he have any impact in that game? I want and I think we need more firepower. Still have average at best running backs. Below average tight ends. And an aging wide receiver corps. KC isn’t losing sleep over Emmanuel Sanders and Matt Breida.

Mahomes was running for his life in the Super Bowl against the Bucs. I think the Bucs D-line had something to do with that.

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1 hour ago, JoeFerguson said:

If McDermott learns from his weak, chicken shit, pussified coaching decisions from the AFC title game, then yes we are much, much better.

I would say he was very good for most of last season but in the playoff game v KC.....yes we all saw him revert back to that bullshit.....

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