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Sam Darnold, Sam Darnold, Sam Darnold

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I wouldn't be surprised if that was how it really played out.  :niterider:


seandelevan said:
Fuck this team
StraightJ said:
I'll tie a frying pan to my ass so you hurt your penis, you ****ing homo!
BertSquirtgum said:
Shut the fuck up dark cloud pussy
Mainejays said:
Anyone who is foolish enough to not be a Buffalo Bills fan can go f*ck themselves with a wooden shovel handle.
212frawk said:
also, all that shit in your signature is beyond annoying. just like you.

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The Jerts (combination of Jets and Jerks) have unloaded Darnold which was really stupid on their part and we thank  them but theya re going to do something even more stupid.  Thye are going to go for Zack Wilson, QB BYU.  Thank you even more Jerts.  Darnold is that much further along in maturity and now they are going to reset with a shaky rookie?  

J.....E....T.....S, JETS, Jets, jeh... aw shit.  

wynona's big brown beaver cowboys GIF by Primus


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I would have traded him too.

He'll be getting a new contract and I wouldn't want to commit to an unknown like him.

Get a new coach......start fresh at qb (assuming your scouts feel good about Wilson)

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