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More cancel culture at work

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Lets me start by saying three things:

When it comes to cancel culture, I'm an equal opportunity guy. I shit on all of it. Right wing cancel culture, which is alive and well, and left wing cancel culture, which we're all very familiar with too.

  1. I firmly believe that if everyone in Hollywood would shut the fuck up, we would all be better off. Please don't think I'm defending Hollywood with this thread. Aside from Arnold Schwarzennegger, I can't think of one who has half a fucking brain.
  2. I personally despise holocaust comparisons. I think the vast majority of people, myself included, are ignorant of the holocaust. Most of us just don't know that much about it. The difference between me and the vast majority of people is that I am aware of my ignorance and so I shut the fuck up and don't make idiotic holocaust comparisons. So don't think I'm defending another idiot who made a holocaust comparison. I'm not.
  3. With all of that said, there is this woman in Hollywood named Gina Carano. I had never heard of her until a couple of days ago but she appears to star in a show called "The Mandalorian", which is a show I've heard of but never watched. Apparently she is super controversial (READ: A republican in Hollywood). She is also currently unemployed because DisneyPlus, who appears to own or control the show she is on, just shit canned her because she posted a picture on her instagram of a Jewish woman who appears to be fleeing Nazi scum while half naked and she accompanied that with the following statement:

“Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews,” the post said.

I'm sure we can all agree she should have been fired immediately after that comment, right? Of course not. There's nothing about that comment that should cause someone to lose their job. And I'm someone who believes in employer rights. I believe employers should be free to fire anyone who embarrasses them, harms their brand or reputation, or exposes them to unnecessary liability.

But this shit is ridiculous. It would be one thing if they argued she was being fired for making an idiotic holocaust comparison and she's simply too stupid to work there. I could be somewhat sympathetic because stupid people often do stupid shit and that can cause serious problems for a company. But we know that wasn't the case. How do we know? Because her fucking co-star, the guy who plays The Mandalorian, made his own idiotic holocaust comparison and he's still employed. (His comparison is actually worse)

But you see, he holds different political views than she does. His idiotic holocaust comparison was more in line with the popular views his company apparently finds acceptable (READ: Liberal views). So his idiotic holocaust comparison was deemed more acceptable than her idiotic holocaust comparison.

And by the way, where's the metoo movement in all of this? A male does one thing, keeps his job. A female does essentially the same thing, gets fired. What's up with that? Where's the outrage?

Anyway, I hate talking about Hollywood celebrities. I obviously hold a low opinion of these dipshits. But this isn't really about Hollywood, its about cancel culture. Hollywood just happens to be part of the story.

There are a ton of links on this if you google her name. Here's one of the first that pop up:


See Gina Carano’s tweets and posts that got her fired from ‘The Mandalorian’


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