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AFC Divisional Playoffs: Predict Ravens @ Bills  

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  1. 1. AFC Divisional Playoffs: Predict Ravens @ Bills

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On 1/16/2021 at 2:51 PM, Meathead said:

love all blue

Seeing it's a home game for the Chiefs and they will go red jerseys, the Bills would be white... BUT how cool would that be if they allowed it??? ALL-RED Chiefs vs ALL-BLUE Bills to decide the AMERICAN Conference?? That would be symbolically awesome!:beer:

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great point. that would be cool

i just love the all blue

my favorite jerseys were probably the dark dark blue on blue that sam adams was in when he was rumbling stumbling that brady pick for a td (or was it a fumble idk). the red stripe under the pits ruined it a little, i just liked the dark and foreboding look of the all dark blue

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