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Every NFL team's worst draft pick this century

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Every NFL team's worst draft pick this century


What's the Dallas Cowboys' worst draft pick since 2000? Where have the New England Patriots gone massively wrong? And how about the Pittsburgh Steelers? We're here with a look at every NFL team's biggest draft-day blunder this century. That's 32 total fumbles -- and not one named Ryan Leaf. (He was a 20th-century draft bust, natch.)  

For our list, we've defined a bad pick as a high-leverage, first- or second-round selection that went wide right, as it were. 

Every draft miss has a story. Maybe a team needed a franchise quarterback, but got a journeyman instead. Maybe a team needed a franchise QB, but got a headache instead. Maybe a team needed a star linebacker, but got an injury-plagued player instead. And maybe a team traded up to get a kicker.  

Some of the names you'll find on this list barely lasted a down in the NFL; others suited up for years. What they share is an inability to live up to their draft slots.   

Ultimately, though, players don't draft themselves. The blame for a bad pick rests with the team. And so here's our look at the absolute worst NFL picks, team by team, of this century through the 2020 NFL Draft. Let the arguments begin! 




So far this century, the Buffalo Bills haven't had luck with quarterbacks whose first names are only two-letters long. First there was the underwhelming J.P. Losman (22nd overall pick of the 2004 NFL Draft). And then there was EJ Manuel. The 16th overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft out of Florida State would make Losman's stats look like a Pro Bowler's: Manuel never threw for more than 11 touchdowns in a season, and struggled with injuries, accuracy and playing time.  



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Yep.  That is what you get when you skip drafting a QB two drafts in a row and then in your last year as GM (Hi Buddy) you proclaim "This is the year we draft a QB!"

You force drafting a 3rd round guy in the 1st round. 

I will say Aaron Maybin, Cyrus Kouandjio, Torrell Troup, Jay Zones, Reggie Ragland and James Hardy weren't great picks either. 


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Draft a Running Back in the 2nd?  Add another EDGE or Corner?

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