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You are now the coach during the Bye....

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Okay let's play you are the coach what do you do from here on out.  

1) Singletary is now on my practice squad and I'm activating Yeldon.  He plays great when he gets his touches and knows how to expload on a screen.  Easily a mismatch on the field when we go 5 wide

2) Feliciano doesn't get off the field if you bring Morse back at center Feliciano is taking someone's spot.

3) Dane Jackson is a starter on this defense if his knee is fine he starts opposite of Tre...

4) Espinesa starts opposite of Jerry he just gets off the ball faster than any other DEs and he is always in the play...

5) when Millano is healthy Aj Klein moves to the line and rushes the QB every play he is really good at blitzing...

6) we are blitzing every down from here on out to stop the run and get the ball out the QB hands faster.  We suck at covering longer than 3 seconds....

7) screen passes should only go to Brown or McKenzie...

8) Kroft is the starting TE for the rest of the year and Knox needs to learn special teams to get on the field...

9) McKenzie needs more reps than Davis the 4 wr look should always have him in the game he is a tough cover and seems to be open a lot.

10) we shouldn't defer ever again if we win the toss because our offense sucks in the 3rd quarter...take the ball if we win the toss.

11) run the qb draw with moss as the QB and no one behind him.  I think he can get 10 yards a pop on that play.

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