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2nd Half D. Completely shut down the Jets. 4 total yards I believe. Honorable mention to Jerry Hughes who was all over the place

Allen. Effective day. Close to 70%, over 300 yards. Too bad he (along with everyone else) decided to take the day off once in the red zone. 

Beasley. Always open. So reliable.

Roberts. Back to his usual ways. A weapon in the return game.

Moss. Ran with effort

DK Metcalf. Not Bills related but well deserving. Did you guys see him go Usain Bolt on that int ? .... Wow!

Bass. You make 6 kicks you get a ball but ...



Bass. When you miss kicks from 45 and specially 37 yards you get a goat. I don't care what else you did

First half D. Pathetic. In synch with the previous weeks. 

Red zone offense. Usually a strength yesterday it was awful. Just some bad play calling and execution

Refs. BS pass interference call on Hyde that led to a touchdown for them. Has anyone seen the flag that nullified the Davis TD grab ? They showed nothing on the broadcast. And I know the Hyde hit late in the game was hard and looked strong. But it was 100% legit. He turned his head away, he hit with the shoulder and into the chest. What the fuck is he supposed to do ? Allow the grab ?

Penalties. BS flags or not we still got called for I think 11 no nos. That's just terrible. Needs to be cleaned up



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