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So, both Allen and Mahomes feel they have the strongest arm.

Anyone want to bet that each will at least take one massive shot (with whatever wind is there) to take the top off?  How demoralizing would it be (either way) to give up a 70 yard bomb in the air....

I expect KC to do that...just because....they can.

I think we need to do it, because we need those safeties off to make more room underneath.  We can’t wait to use Beasley.

If Brown is a full go, which it sounds like he is, I think we will see his true worth to our O as a whole.  Also, I will be quite happy not to have Roberts as our default 4th receiver.

Not just for the intermediate passes, but to set up some outlet passes to RBs in the flat.  Also, if everyone had their back turned, I see Josh taking a few more free first downs with his legs.  



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