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We just got destroyed by a team that had practiced 2 times in 2 weeks

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8 minutes ago, jpp said:

Im just curious.....why do you even watch football?  It seems you think these games are staged like professional wrestling whats the point in watching?

Wrestling obviously has fans. I like sports, the aesthetics of sports. I've obviously been around it my whole life as a fan.

I'm a grown man who still likes baseball caps and  trading cards and  older Madden games.  I love football helmet and sports uniforms history. Sports is another entertainment, like movies and music, hobbies. My friendship base is sports fans. It's Americana. Doesn't mean I can't see through the facade ..since about 6 years ago. I'm pissed about Redskins history changing. Been seperating all my Redskins cards from my junk wax collection to keep extra special 

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15 hours ago, LiterateStylish said:

As I said, those are misleading angles!!!

Did you never take physics in school!?

Foreground vs Background?

Yup. I was pretty good at it. I know some angles deceive the eye. But he's not as far as you claim. 

For example - See the yard line in your pic? Looks like his foot in the air will come down right on it right?

Lol, no it doesn't. 

Now look at my pic above.

He was 5 yards away from that yard line!

So its 5 then ? ... sounds about the same as "nowhere in sight"

But whatever, im done.d

I still love you even though you’re wrong.

I am not. You just can't admit that you exaggerated in order to fill your shit on Allen quota. I understand though. After 4 weeks of ballin' you had to come back strong. 


Bills fan for life!! ................

I love beer, rum, scotch and women !! :rockon:

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