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Balls and Goats

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Allen (yeah I know he sucks and we need to get Barkley or Fromm in there to turn the season around, but seriously that was the best game of his career so far.  Still has things to work on, like not fumbling and those wayward passes, but if this is his average game then yeah he is taking the next step)

Receiving game (we controlled the clock and dominated  the game with the pass

Kicking game (not the kicker but the return game and kicking coverage)

Defense (picking up where they left off.  Sean enjoy it man this team has a badass D and an O that is rising to match

First half play calling

Our kicker (listen son, you are gonna have to get better or you are gonna be gone).
Third Quarter play calling (McD, you have got to learn to go in for the kill)
COVID-19, it was surreal to see Rich Stadium without all you Buffalo area maniacs there.

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Goat: Lit, for hanging 11 threads without one positive take on a good week 1 win. (okay, one of those 11 (Diggs is Real Deal) suggests positivity, but is likely an Allen bashing in disguise)

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No, this is all in good fun...I would never say this to your face...well, okay, but I'd say it with a smile

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