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Question for the QB guru Lit???

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Replace Josh Allen with Sam Darnold. 

Where are the Bills right now if you put Allen on the Jets and Darnold on the Bills?

Living in the NYC metro area I get this question all the time and Jets fans think Darnold is better than Allen and that Darnold is being railroaded with the Jets.

Allen is more physically gifted than Darnold and Darnold is a little more brittle.

So don't buy it for a second that Darnold is better than Allen, but what does the resident QB guru Mr. Lit (and everyone else) think?

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3 minutes ago, seandelevan said:

If Allen had games like Darnold did against the Pats last season...11/32 86 yards and 4 pics...holy shit he’d be massacred. 

All I know is Darnold gets a free hall pass. Allen does not. 

Allen had a horrible first half in the first Pats game, but he recovered in the second half only to have his bell rung and get knocked out of the game.

The Bills might have completed the comeback if he didn't get knocked out.

You are right that Allen doesn't get a free hall pass, but I don't necessarily think that Darnold gets a free hall pass.

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they are hard to compare since they are almost exactly opposite in styles

i think darnold is going to be a lot like favre, throwing the ball around, tossing a lot of tds but also a lot of picks. and due to his small hands hes going to lose a lot more fumbles than allen, though his compl pcent will be a bunch of points higher. being much smaller, he stands a greater chance of injury at least in the pocket and when scrambling

allen is going to be a lot more like a less assholey cam newton, a very average 64-ish compl pcent most seasons, a lot of incredibly athletic plays with his legs and arm, 400-ish rushing yards and a bunch of rushing tds, far fewer turnovers but fewer throwing tds. and as long as they dont overuse called rushes i think hes less likely to be injured just due to his size, escapability, and elusiveness. he has multiple ways of creating a big play from almost any situation

if i had my choice of the two, i would take allen. darnold is actually the safer pick since i think he stands a good chance of approaching the 70% compl pcent for a good stretch of years, which would give you a chance win most games regardless of supporting cast if he can cut down some on the turnovers. but allens overall ceiling is higher, and he should be more often available to actually play. hes far more athletic than darnold, and has that key "clutch" factor that you cant teach. its also possible he surprises and with all the work hes done on his throwing motion (plus the addition of more big weapons receiving the ball), he could push his compl pcent into the high 60's which would dramatically improve scoring efficiency. but even at that average 64% he would still remain a dangerous creative playmaker, especially late in games, and especially if he keeps protecting the ball on a perennially stout defensive team

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