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Cardinals, Brewers game postponed again after several new COVID-19 cases, threatening fragile MLB season

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The MLB season is looking increasingly precarious as the St. Louis Cardinals continue to deal with a coronavirus outbreak affecting its team. The Milwaukee Brewers’ home opener against St. Louis was scrapped on Friday just hours before the first pitch after two Cardinals players reportedly tested positive. 

Players and staff were instructed to isolate themselves in their hotel rooms.

On Saturday, The Athletic reported that between four and six additional members of the team and staff had tested positive.

The first team to be hit hard by coronavirus were the Miami Marlins. Their first reported case was last week but the total number of infected members now stands at 21, a source told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.


this is what i am expecting in the nfl. sometime in the first few games of the season there will be a breakout infecting multiple teams. they wont be able to stop the spread and the season will be cancelled

the nfl should immediately mandate the highest quality masks they can find and players removing the masks in congested areas should be fined/ejected/whatever. thats the only chance they have of not having a repeat of whats going on in baseball

One set of rules for all in the beloved community

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