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Buffalo Rumblings adds the Buff Hub podcast to the network

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Steve Vega brings his show to Buffalo Rumblings

The Buffalo Rumblings podcast network continues to grow, thanks to the loyal fans of the Buffalo Bills. A new show is set to join the network, as Steve Vega brings The Buff Hub podcast to the site starting on August 1.

Steve brings an energy and enthusiasm to the network that Bills fans will enjoy, along with the analytics necessary to back up his perspectives. If you have not heard his work, be sure to check out his recent appearance with me on Breaking Buffalo Rumblings. You can also find previous episodes of The Buff Hub podcast with guests like Matt Parrino, Ryan Talbot, and Jamie D’amico here.

To get every new episode of The Buff Hub, be sure to subscribe to the Buffalo Rumblings podcast channel. This will allow you to download all of our shows including Billieve, Blitzed Bills, Buffalo Rumblings Q&A, Breaking Buffalo Rumblings, The Bruce Exclusive, and Circling the Wagons:

Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify | Podbean | iHeartRadio | TuneIn | Megaphone

You can also ask your SmartSpeaker to “Play the Buffalo Rumblings podcast”.

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The Buffalo Bills....










To Fitzpatrick, Levitre, Kelsay, Mcgee, Barnett, Wilson, Jones, Nelson, Rinehart, McIntyre, Merriman, Shepperd, Scott, White, Wanny, and Mr. Chan Gailey...


It was real, it was fun, it just wasn't REAL FUN!






NEWVILLE MUD DAWGS FEVER BABY! We might not be very good right now, but we have infinite heart! Alot like the Bills! ;) HALLA!


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