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Crazy Legs

* Breaking News * The Bills will get zero Comp Picks in 2021. Pats will get a 3rd and two 4ths.

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Projected compensatory picks:     

One in Round 3, two in Round 4.

Key free-agent losses: Tom Brady (Buccaneers), Kyle Van Noy (Dolphins), Jamie Collins (Lions).
Key free-agent additions: None.
Comp-pick analysis: The formula is very straightforward here, with the Patriots losing five qualifiers and collecting two free agents.

Yep, the Patriots get a 3rd round pick for losing TB12.    


The Bills signed a ton of Free Agents this springs, so they won't get a Comp Pick.  Which is fine.

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Draft a Running Back in the 2nd?  Add another EDGE or Corner?

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They should be loosing draft picks. But, spygate 2 has already been swept under the rug. They caught them red handed. The cameraman knew he was busted by the way he was acting. When was the last time it was even mentioned? Kraft was messed up with a human trafficking business. That’s cool. Instead of disciplining them, let’s reward them with more draft picks.   

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Ed Oliver is my adopt-a-Bill

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