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Eichel’s 28th Secures A Golden Victory

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Vegas Golden Knights v Buffalo SabresPhoto by Joe Hrycych/NHLI via Getty Images

Buffalo handed the Golden Knights their fourth-straight loss.

Final Score: Sabres 4 | Golden Knights 2

Shots on Goal: l

Sabres Goal Scorers: Victor Olofsson (14), Jack Eichel (23)

Golden Knights Goal Scorers: Michael Dal Colle (2), Jordan Eberle (3), Anthony Beauvillier (10)

Plus 1: Like Clockwork

It always seems like when the Buffalo Sabres need themselves a big goal this season, they can count on one player to do the job.

As the season has progressed, Eichel’s confidence has grown to a fever pitch.

On the above goal, Eichel did everything himself - completed the breakout, carried the puck into the offensive zone and managed to fool one of the league’s better goaltenders in Marc-Andre Fleury. All in a night’s work.

With his 28th goal of the season, Jack Eichel tied a career-high. Eichel’s current career-high of 28 goals came in 77 games. Tonight’s goal came in Eichel’s 46th game of the season.

Plus 2: Quietly Impressive

While Sam Reinhart does not always grab the headlines with the breathtaking goals that Jack Eichel manages to put home, Reinhart does have one thing going for him - consistency.

Reinhart also finds himself to be quietly impressive.

Tonight’s game was no different.

While fans might find themselves talking about Eichel’s goal, it is hard to look past Reinhart’s three point night on the scoresheet. One goal and two assists mean one simple thing - Reinhart played a part in three of Buffalo’s four goals.

Plus 3: Angry Larry

#Sabres pic.twitter.com/CVLrpwVAuL

— Ryan McConnell (@RyanMcConnellTM) January 15, 2020

Final Thoughts

A big win for the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday night against a skidding, yet talented, Vegas Golden Knights.

It sounds incredibly cliche but when you face skidding teams, you have to take advantage of it. Buffalo played aggressive enough to force Vegas to play right into the Sabres game plan for 60 minutes.

What resulted of that was a 4-2 Buffalo Sabres victory - no complaints.

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who are the golden knights?

I dont follow the NHL but I know most of the team names. Never heard of that ... ok, I go google it on my own ... just suprised that I never heard of them ...

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