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Predicting the 12 NFL playoff teams down the stretch

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I do not know who Jesse Read is, but I certainly like what I see....


Predicting the 12 NFL playoff teams down the stretch


Originally posted on Sportsnaut  |  By Jesse Reed  |  Last updated 12/3/19

The NFL playoff picture is coming into focus with just a few weeks left in the regular season, and it’s time for some bold predictions about the season’s conclusion.

One team has already punched its ticket to the NFL playoffs by clinching its division. The rest of the playoff contenders still have work do to before they can start their postseason travel plans.

With that in mind, here’s how we see the NFL playoff teams lining up in the next four weeks as the regular season wraps up.

AFC playoff teams


6. Tennessee Titans

If the NFL playoffs ended today, the Titans would be out. With a 7-5 record they are currently the No. 7 seed in the AFC due to Pittsburgh holding a tiebreaker. Yet looking at the way this team has played the past month and a half since Ryan Tannehill took over for Marcus Mariota as the starter, it’s clear this is a team on the rise.

With games against the Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans (twice) and New Orleans Saints still left to play, it’ll take nothing less than a classic playoff push to get in. Tennessee has the defense, and now the offensive firepower, to get it done.


5. New England Patriots

This projection is based on simple idea that Tom Brady and his Patriots offense is a broken thing these days. During the past four games, New England has either lost or barely won (50-50 split) due to the lack of production from the offense.

And with games against two other top AFC contenders — Kansas City and Buffalo — still on the schedule, we’re expecting this slippage to continue down the home stretch.


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