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Cliches the Bills Need to Adopt.

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Its cliche time:

"To win you have to run and stop the run"

This one should not be a problem.  After all we have the personnel to be a run oriented offense (there is nothing wrong with that as an identity).  Unfortunately, we have an idiot who displays Dunning Kruger and decides when we face defenses who cannot stop the run, but are okay against the pass that we need to set Allen up.  This only sets us and Allen up for failure.  We have the players for it, we need to run the rock down their throats.  Also, get Star off the field.  He is the weak link on the DL

You have to win the battle up front:

Cleveland won the battle up front like they have all year

You cannot leave points off the board

Hauschka has not been the same since he was injured against the Jets.  Cut him and bring in a fresh set of legs


Keep it Simple Stupid-

Being cute and trying to outsmart your foe is not how you win this game, you win by playing to your strengths and playing sound, boring, mistake free football

Do not beat yourself

If you are not beating off, where the name of the game is to beat yourself off, then you do not beat yourself.  Lee Smith should not have a spot on this roster.  I don't care if you have to dump his ass onto IR or make him walk back to Buffalo, he should not be on this team.  How many drive killing penalties has he had this year?

So yeah if we do not fix these problems then we are probably going to be 7-9 or 8-8 at best.

The irritating, aggravating, frustrating thing is it need not be this way.  IF we commit to running against the Fish, cleaning up the penalties, and playing to our strengths then we could actually go 10-6 and make the post season.  However, I just do not see that happening as we have been playing way too cute for way too long and now teams are beginning to catch on that we are far overrated.   I like what this team could be, hell they could be 8-1 right now, but I hate what they are, a team that plays to the level of the opposition and away from its strengths.  This is why the Patriots will be again in at least the AFC title game if not the superbowl and we will not be.  Belichick occassionally gets embarrased.  However, he watches the game film and adjustments are made.  Also, he knows his team's strengths and weaknesses which is why you rarely see Brady trying long completions but you see so many Pats receivers with great YAC.  This is not the Pats cheating, or getting the Refs help (they do, but they really don't need to) this is the Pats playing smart and disciplined football.  I wish to God that we would play smart disciplined football.

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