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Playoff Odds: Bills in prime position

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Washington Redskins v Buffalo BillsPhoto by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Bills have a very good chance to make the postseason.

The Buffalo Bills have a 71% chance of making the playoffs as a 6-2 team in the AFC this year according to the New York Times Playoff Simulator. That’s a pretty solid number for the halfway point of the season and shows just how much of a meltdown it would be if Buffalo somehow misses the postseason.

Based on their predictions, a 10-6 Buffalo Bills team has a 98% chance to make the playoffs this year. If Buffalo goes 4-4 down the stretch, they are a virtual lock. However, a 9-7 Bills team is only in with 46% of scenarios. This is mainly because the Bills still have seven AFC games remaining in the back half of the year.

A Bills win over the Browns pushes them up to 82% chance of making the playoffs but with a loss, they slide to 56%.

Over at FiveThirtyEight, the Bills are at a 68% chance of making the playoffs. It’s the fifth-highest in the AFC (because the four teams ahead of them all have much better chances of winning their division). They break it out further, giving the Bills just a 6% chance of winning their division. In their simulations, the Bills average out a 10-6 record which would be good enough for the 5 seed in their simulations.

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The Buffalo Bills....










To Fitzpatrick, Levitre, Kelsay, Mcgee, Barnett, Wilson, Jones, Nelson, Rinehart, McIntyre, Merriman, Shepperd, Scott, White, Wanny, and Mr. Chan Gailey...


It was real, it was fun, it just wasn't REAL FUN!






NEWVILLE MUD DAWGS FEVER BABY! We might not be very good right now, but we have infinite heart! Alot like the Bills! ;) HALLA!


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