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i'd like everyone to know that i sincerely appreciate having something named after me. i certainly didnt expect it

but id like you to also know that when it comes to "Tech Support" i can barely find my ass from a hole in the wall. i can fix typos and sometimes help you out with simple stuff, but anything more than that and we will have to consult the real expert, Admin2 aka Lit

and you know whats funny? I used to be the most technical guy in the room. software engineer, data engineer, network support, Unix and DOS technical support - basic all around techie. i couldnt get enough of it back then. then i just sort of hit a wall and didnt give a fuck anymore. so i left technology and became a salesman, an account manager, a management consultant, and a Software Quality Assurance director

so now i have the technical expertise of a soccer mom

i will do my best if i can help you, but im afraid i'm sure im not going to be able to live up to the honor of having a forum named after me. just so you know. but i do appreciate it

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